Move Moving Fractals!

This project brought together several software programs. I began with Fractorium for the alpha fractal image sequence, then used Blender 2.8 (beta) to create the background using only Cycles shader nodes. Fractorium Still.png

This was the first real project I did in Blender 2.8. Blender 2 8.pngAfterward, I composited them together in Natron and added some special effects. As can be seen in the screenshot, I went back-and-forth experimenting with floating-orb particles eventually deciding against them.


At the beginning, The “sliding screenshot panes” were a learning opportunity for me in that I used the “holdout” cycles shader node for the first time! Blender.png

Story-Driven CGI

Story_Drive_CGIWhen the typical budget of a Hollywood film today exceeds the $100 Million dollar mark, the obvious question is, “where does it all go?”. As an amateur, I would bet a lot goes into allocating picturesque sets to film, equipment to do it well, and a kickin’ special effects crew to make the effects look good before post production. Continue reading “Story-Driven CGI”

Blender VFX breakdown

It is such a pleasure as a Blender enthusiast to see it compete with the bigger names like Adobe After Effects, and Final Cut. But I like knowing best that Blender combines these awesome abilities with it’s core front: modeling.