Sci-fi corridor

This was an experiment with normal and black/white heightmaps. Everything was hand-drawn. I attempted some more adventurous post-composited, but I’m not sure the Ice turned out correctly in the corridor shot. What’s funny is upon starting the processing work, I realized that the ship looks more like a cray model than a full-sized ship. Rather than trying to imagine it is something it isn’t, I’m going with it as a miniature scene in real space. Enjoy!


Lighting up the night


This was mostly an experiment (recycling an old model) in volumetics. I added volumetic headlights (came out better in the first), and exhaust flames. Spent *way* too long on mostly irrelevant details. Pretty happy with the skills learned though!

Triangle Geometry!

Wanted to try and add more detail to this without invading areas I lack the necessary skills in, but my computational resources became too taxed to add anything else realistically.  Enjoy!