God: The Unseen Source

Beneath the surface
Beneath the surface

When a flower grows, a building is constructed, or curriculum is developed – some is present at the core.  For the flower, its a seed, and that seed grows up out of the ground, but half of the plant (a vital half) is unseen under the ground.   Continue reading “God: The Unseen Source”

God of the details

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God, who fabricated the universe from mere seed ideas in His infinite mind, inspired men to scribe the 66 canonical books of Judeo-Christian Scripture. In it, timeless moral principles are presented, in addition to history, poetic literature, prophecy and encouraging letters or epistles. But many of the elements of life are not explicitly stated in Scripture. It is as if God left the latter generations in the dark as knowledge of the physical world increased. But perhaps despair need not be so easily arrived at as far as modern occurrences are concerned. Continue reading “God of the details”