Static Law & Dynamic Relationship

Ridget Dynamic Law Relationships.pngWorking in the public transportation industry for the past few weeks, It has been very evident to me the bureaucratic boundaries required to improve safety and efficiency.  It is innately an externally-controlled system.  Pulling back from public transportation through, The very nature of law has historically always been for the purpose of protection, and service for those abiding by it.   Continue reading “Static Law & Dynamic Relationship”

Educated Society


It has been said that Education is preparation for life. This is really a loaded statement. For one, education isn’t a “one-size-fits-all situation”. Some families choose to home school their children. Furthermore, different types of academic institutions are available at the elementary (with greater diversity beyond). Continue reading “Educated Society”

Morality often is an after thought in our modern age. It is almost as though is a reluctantly-considered carry-over from antiquity, as if to respect those who have gone before us. But physical laws are linked with physical matter, so doesn’t it follow that physics should have a hierarchical director in morality?