Messianic Threefold Office

Messianic Three-fold Office

A messiah is a most-highly anticipated individual.  This figure will redeem that which was lost.  But there are many calibers of messiah.  One is chief among them all. Continue reading “Messianic Threefold Office”


"Cleanroom1" by Original uploader was RudolfSimon at de.wikipedia
“Cleanroom1” by Original uploader was RudolfSimon at de.wikipedia

Public Schools, City libraries, Colleges, prisons, Hospitals, and Courtrooms are all examples of the institutions that are widely present in our society today.  Foster care, half-way houses, and temporary labor agencies are becoming more common place as this method of automated, consumer-driven society is maintained.  It risks making people the cogs that push commodities through an eventually-people driven market.  But there seems to be something very cyclic about this business of institutions.


Earlier in history, education was largely driven by the church, who had a majority of the literature of society.  The focus was not simply on a baseless, intellectual stimulation, but moral development and spiritual growth, as Judeo-Christian Scriptures were the high-dollar publications bought around the days of the printing press.  But now education has advanced to a neurological stimulation frenzy held in an ordered structure by long-held traditions carried over from the old world.


In order to keep the peace in a community, one must acknowledge a certain amount of commonly-consented laws.  But where one community has great need for particular laws, another may not.  General laws need be upheld, but specific laws should not be decided from a far, away from the recipients of said laws.  Police Departments tend to take on quite a dry, and lifeless atmosphere in the event of the duties that have to be carried out.  While objectivity is important, a city-wide police department should never be crowded, since smaller, sub communities should be preemptively managing situations before they are taken into custody at a city or even state level.  Furthermore, the judiciary is more clearly sterile then the law-enforcement department, because here the room houses criminals, biases audiences, state-assigned jury’s, and judges that must weigh evidence with careful consideration.  But as the progression of law has gone from objective, dependable standards to case precedents, the atmosphere is left foreign, unfamiliar, and colorless.


In times past, medical procedures were done wherever the injury or ailment had taken place.  While there is certainly a necessity to barracks those sick, frail, and injured in a special facility where professionals can attend to them ceaselessly; there should be a limit to the amount arriving for several reasons.  One is, people who are not known well to a person tend to not be trusted as well as those well-known in a community.  And two, airborne or blood-borne pathogens can readily travel in a sterile facility where immune systems are not uncommonly-weak.  The atmosphere, though generally transcend potentially due to its white walls, and glossy floors, is actually often full of memory.  Memory of loved ones who went through pain, loneliness, or death in the walls.  Hospitals should remain – just in more localized communities with only corporate headquarters housing many occupants.


The inside.  While I write this only in speculation, I can imagine the less-then-ideal conditions present in a state prison or penitentiary.  Here is gathered exclusively the criminals of society, where they are sentenced to a reduced state of living.  While supposedly the purpose it to give the perpetrator an opportunity to think on his actions, the track record of these institutions is that they don’t really work, unless a genuine heart change happens, and even then, the process of reintegration into society is difficult.

The state of a society where the individual is devalued in exchange for a respect for the masses is one that sees individuals as less then who they really are.  It makes thriving, beautiful society into a dry, mechanical, lifeless organization.  While order and logic are beautiful, there is reason for it to be given the flexibility of locality, specifically in relation to geography.  When man is reduced to the biological parts empirically observed in him, he mysteriously emits effects that are not categorizable, and left to ever-more peculiar psychological conclusions.  Institutions are logical, but they do not breathe well.  Life needs to have breath.

The Threshold of Truth

“Truth is the correct description of reality.”

Gordon Olson

Truth is the framework of laws in the universe.  It is absolute, and objective.  By it, all other things have their origin and meaning.  This is an informal blog to consider truth peripherally through philosophical, theological, scientific, and technological means.