Quality and Intimacy Trajectories

Mega churches and House Churches

According to George Barna, the future of the church will move in two directions: Mega churchs and house churchs. It was very encouraging for me to hear that house churches will be developing among Christians, and yet, I think I have overlooked the real beauty of the mega church set-up. What the mega church lacks in intimacy, it makes up for in quality. It does a good job at providing a extravagent gathering place for Christians, which really the church is should use such gatherings for anyway. On the other hand, while the house church really lacks any quality external veneer, it extends a deeply warm and inviting atmosphere of peace and rest. In this place, Christians can actually share their hearts, worship long hours, and engage in hearty, unconventional discussions on the Kingdom, relationships, freedom, and God. These two settings are wisely predicted as the future of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Continue reading “Quality and Intimacy Trajectories”

Innovation in the modern evangelical Christian sphere


Christians today are largely educated men and women who have gone to university and advanced into a profession to provide for their families. They are skilled at what they do. But they also claim to love Jesus.  So what often happens is that they apply their artistic, intellectual, or physical fines to archaic religious traditional works. The exterior is exquisite no doubt, but the lyrics are just a bit stale for the modern generation. Continue reading “Innovation in the modern evangelical Christian sphere”

Objective Christian Excellence


Commited To Excellence
Tanti Ruwani, Flikr

Objective Excellence

Excellence should by no means be reduced to a casual affirmation a vocal recitation, graded assignment, or physical achievement. Excellence is a standard that exists by surpassing the normal quality work of an individual. It is the rare, exceptional reach of the individual that is exhibited by committing their heart, mind, and physical dimensions into a determined end-goal focus. It is thus determined by the individual. But the conscience should be sending red flags as to when work is really above and beyond “good” or not. While it is categorized individually, excellence can be seen in others, when the quality level shows signs of extraordinary labor and attention. Continue reading “Objective Christian Excellence”