Rhema and Logos Word of God

Intro_banner.pngThere has been no shortage of reference in the last six months, for a frame of temporal reference, as to the amount of times I have heard the Bible, or written word, called “The Word of God”.  And I try as often as I can to insert all of the caveats that go along with the exclusivity of the Written, or “Logos” word being God’s Word alone.  Continue reading “Rhema and Logos Word of God”

Divine Frequencies

Divine frequency Cloud How does sound affect matter?  How does sound affect us?  How is the spoken words of God the creative force behind the universe we know today?

I had become aware of the science of cymatics a couple of years ago, and it (as all things not constantly maintained) fell to the back burner.  Well, when I recently revisited some consideration of the Genesis account of Creation, I remembered this fascinating field of the formation of shapes through sound.

It is fascinating indeed, as it isn’t just phonetic language, and music that affect us every day, but sound frequencies are at the very fundamental levels of the physical universe.  Whenever something moves, it produces a vibration, as it collides with other matter, whether it be gas, liquid, solid, or plasma.  And there are (thanks to some animals present among us) sound frequencies that are outside of our range of hearing.  So this realm of creation is a marvelous stop in our relational journey with God and His breath-taking creation.

What happened when God spoke the world into existence?  Certainly there was not physical matter made from non-physical sound vibrations.  Well, if Einsteins energy-to-matter equation is accurate (E=MC2), then we know that it is merely a force of some kind applied to energy that can change it to or from physical matter.  But I would also like to consider the formative nature of sound.  Cymatics visualizations have very consistently revealed distinct shapes associated with sound.  So sound reveals order, or it reveals chaos.  It could go much spiritually deeper than this, but let’s suffice it to say that there are good sounds, and there are bad sounds.

Cymatic experiments have revealed psychological as well as physiological responses in people, not surprisingly.  People are made of matter, and we have autonomous organs that create sounds all by themselves.  But it is interesting to consider that the rate of the human heart has been a benchmark for “good”, or “bad” sounds, resulting in psychological stress.  Sometimes stress is good, however, it is not the native rate for a heart to be 120 beats per minute (bpm).  A long day with a jackhammer, a full night of techno, or just a lot of running just fatigues us.  In the atmosphere, a storm forms when a cold front of air collides with a warm front of air.  They clash, heavy winds can develop, aggressive rainstorms, or tornadoes.  When the frequencies in our body collide with what is around us, we can experience resistance, just as we would hefting dumbbells away from our bodies and experience the stress of muscle fibers tearing.

But communicably, words can be associated with creation, if not at the beginning of a theistic creation scenario, certainly at least through the centuries of history, as people have bartered, negotiated, jeered, whispered, and cried.  Things just wouldn’t have gotten done without communication.  God knew this when He saw men attempting to build a Ziggurat structure into the heavens in Genesis 11.  He decided the wisest solution was to confuse the language so that they would not be able to carry out their plans in their own presumed omnipotence.  God knew communication shared in the context of relationship is powerful.  He had been doing it in the context of infinity before moment He choose to create the universe.  He had used some kind of communication to relate to the other persons of the trinity.  Perhaps was from the very words of the God fellowship that creation was conceived.  But there was undoubtedly a clear plan.

What kinds of effects does our phonetic sounds (or neural telepathic vibrations) have when they are released up to the creator?  Scripture is clear that God “breathed life” into man, at which point he became a living being.  Sound frequencies are the indication of structure and formation in our universe, and they are also a clear indication of free will, seeing as how sounds can represent a stressful chaos.

It is a fascinating notion to me – this non-physical energy in our universe that reflects structure and order, and it has only recently been discovered as a consistent part of our universe.  What more will we find empirically to reinforce structure in our universe?

On Language

Abstract of “On Language”

What is language? What is it’s purpose? What laws govern it? Do individuals learn language by “pragmatic” means, as a result to a social/applicational end? If so, what quality of vocab do they have? And what source do their definitions derive? What determines a good definition? What benefit to other languages contribute to a language? These questions concentrate focus on man’s understanding of the methodology of communication – the “vehicle” of interaction in society. Why are human definitions not absolute? And finally, what is Truth? Continue reading “On Language”