Worldview-based Community

Worldview-based_communityReligion is the sphere of worldview.  From this, the rest of the actions and interactions in life are inspirationally carried out.  The worldview of Islam could be twofold.  It could be one of peace, or it could be one of righteous jihad.  But either way, long-held traditions are well-preserved, whether for good or Ill.  For the Hindu, appeasing many deities is favored.  For the Buddhist, life is a dream, lacking clear local actions.  The goal is nirvana.  To enter into a blank state of mind. For the Christian, the goal is intimate relationship with God. While this assessment is quite subjective, it helps to illustrate the influence religion has on society.  It sets in at the deepest level of being.  What we believe about God(s) affects the way we interact in life.

For this reason, an intentional mindset needs to be implemented in a community that specifically relates from the spiritual foundations of the mutually-shared believe.  The worldview presented here is Christian.

While a Christian worldview itself has much diversity, one major element it doesn’t exclude is external progress.  While other worldviews limit or even forbid intellectual progress, Christianity merely encourages relationship.  Thus, Christianity has contributed to much of the development of the Western world.

Characteristics of a Christian worldview community:

  • Maintained relationship with God individually and corporately.
  • State of humility with other people
  • Excellence in the actions of heart, soul, mind, and strength
  • Seeing the wonder of God’s creation in every endeavor of life

This is a proposal for a local community to adopt in order to facilitate progress.  The example of it’s fruit can be seen in the Pilgrims at Plymouth, before they had even stepped off of the Mayflower.  They had a commitment to more than just each other, they put their trust in God, and they looked on to the betterment of their posterity.

Historically, Christianity has had great success in the society.  Probably it’s greatest effect can be seen in the Roman empire.  Rome had aggressively rejected the spreading of this way of life, but it came to officially adopt the external religious structure.  Even though Christianity is much more an internal relationship then an external structure, Christianity is historically associated with taking over one of history’s greatest superpowers.  Later, It was Christianity that had preserved reading and writing with the preservation of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures.  And finally, it was Christianity that influenced King Ferdinand and queen Isabella to fund the expedition of Columbus to the new world.

Since it is a religion of the heart, external traditions do not limit progress.  Communities can adopt a worldview that opens up work potential, because it fosters strong relationships, and encourages excellence.


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