School of Excellence

School_of Excellence



“A vocational training school for christians/Missionaries”

School Of Excellence
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

(Philippians 4:8 ESV)

Christians are to be the salt of the Earth, because Christ has set them free from a slavery to sin, but has also ushered them into a new liberating Kingdom of light. Christians are called to a higher standard.

This would be a school for training for technical precision in the world to minister to a more sophisticated sphere of society. To get their attention, we must first speak their language. Additionally, the dominion mandate of Genesis 1:26 places men as the premier stewards of the planet, and all of it’s inhabitants.

Technical fields of study

Topics would introduce students to the spheres of society, in-depth, college-level instruction on fields like business, engineering, research, and Theology, Education, and horticulture. It would offer training to missionaries that are called witness in prestigious universities, intellectually-justified sub-communities, and fields of expertise that would not otherwise be approachable without a BA or higher degree accreditation.

It would have experts of their fields teaching by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

A unified philosophy for interacting in the world

There is a seriously-concerning sacred-secular dichotomy that is present in society today. Those who wish to engage their minds must disengage their spirits, and those who wish to engage their spirit must disengage their mind. But Jesus said that true worshipers would worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24)

An intellectual atmosphere saturated in peace

Those who do not want to master a skill while living among paganistic traditions, evolutionary standards, and financially-driven institutions may master their skill, and hone their passion here.

Those who are called into Hollywood, to Wallstreet, to Laboratories, to Universities, to Lead prosperous business’ could find their initial exposure to the real world here.

Departments on a city-wide shared Missionary base cooperation

The school of excellence would be a trade school of sorts. It would start out by teaching a bit of small business technical perimeters, then run a couple of impromptu “MOCK” business situations to give the students some hands-on training in their field. Then, students would construct local business venues around the base with mostly the staff and student populace as the customer base. Products or services MUST be offered by donation only (as per legal restrictions). Students would be expected to show leadership as small business franchise owners. They will need to show passion and initiative in their venue, and find creative ways of innovation. They would need to take ownership in their field.

Present YWAM Tyler Departments in relation to each sphere:

Family – An unnamed ministry (General family Ministy), Radiant Kids (Elementary Ministry), Season of Service and training (JH & HS Discipleship Training)

Religion – Discipleship Training School (Discipleship), School Of Evangelism (Gospel Evangelism) School of Frontier Missions (Foreign Mission training), School Of The Bible (Theology, Apologetics, Church history, Language Training),

Education – Teachers For the Nations (Teaching theory and exposure), CHS teaching (K-12 Education Internship), School Staff (college-level research and discussion)

Arts/Entertainment – School of Worship (Music theory & studio album production)

Business/Economics – Ag Tech (hands-on agricultural technology for outreaches), Sub-station (registered small business cafe), Dayspring Coffee Lounge (business accounting, inventory, venue management)

Media/Broadcasting – Communications (videography, soundboard, graphic design, podcasting, and newsletter creation)

Civil Government – Teachers For the Nations (Civil Government theory), YWAM Tyler Council (leadership decision-making & exposure)

Department-led Internships:

5 – week prepared “internships could be developed by the respective department heads, giving their expertise and introductory exposure to prospective students. Students would have to then develop their own project in their internship. They would need to present a prospectus of their proposed plan, and introduce it to the department heads in the department.

Support & Crowd-sourcing:

In the past, Ywammer’s have relied exclusively upon internal support from friends and family to provide their way. But now with the potential of social networking, new ways of fund-raising can be implemented in addition to old ways.

Community-wide Projects and Renovations:

The YWAM Tyler community is only partially interacting with the community immediately around it. What if the community could be involved in projects that actually improve the quality of live for them? It would bring in support and respect of the community to the bases, meaning buildings could be made energy-efficient, and newer technology could be acquired.

Data Archiving:

Students interning with a department would be involved in archiving data in an organized database that could easily be accessed later. This would promote order and a valuable future reference for the department.


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