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Pioneering an Excellence Platform

Excellence requires time, energy, and experimentation. It ought to lean heavily on sound wisdom and Foresight too. Excellence should be something that is revealed in the long-term heritage. At YWAM Tyler, pioneering is apart of our DNA. It is this signature characteristic that compels me to make some long-term suggestions for the School. Christian Heritage School is very much a Noah Webster-centric atmosphere, taking a distinct perspective on the principles articulated in his revolutionary 1828 dictionary.

It reformed much of what the English language was at the time. It was a grand work. I see CHS pioneering in greater then simply reaching our own. This is a school that the region at large needs. They need a greater moral fortitude to be developed in their hearts, whether they accept Jesus as their savior or not. Pioneering means reaching, and yet very few actual long-term reaches are taking place at CHS recently. It has held tried-and-true traditions that have aged well, much of which should not cease. But a new generation calls for new innovations, just as Noah Webster said of a language after a span of 300 years.

I picture a “printing room” here at CHS, one that excels in the region for printing excellence publications. Today however, the Gutenberg model simply wouldn’t get past a 2d rendering. Today, it would look like laser jet printers, and publication-ready computer stations. It would be a center for printing namely a CHS Newspaper. This would reinforce concepts of excellent writing to those working in the printing room, as well as time-management, and enhanced communication through updates in print. It would depend upon interviews being done to retrieve unique perspectives from within the confines of class time.

I see students here doing things with their imagination outside the context of school criteria, because the particular outlet isn’t yet available to them. Of course, the financial and logistical resources may not be available, but I think there are steps that can be taken prior to the acquiring of equipment and materials. I have just watched a great building get built from resources that were somehow provided for, as simply following the direction of God. This school is here to develop the moral character of the next generation, but it should also be a experiential atmosphere as much as it can be.

Every great thing requires some risk, and this would be something that would not happen in a year. But CHS should not be merely another school in the area, but one that shines as a beacon. It should be known for honesty, for integrity, and for patriotism, as the Committees of Correspondence were under the headship of Samuel Adams during a time of great desperation in the American colonies.

Yet another idea submitted…

Pursuing Truth,

Zach Baldwin



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