Inspiring Theatrical Creativity

Inspiring Theactrical CreativityProposal: Develop a drama club that will enhance the CHS campus with an excellent ambiance of immersive plot and drama!

Theatrical production is an exaggerated expression what is present throughout the Bible. Stories like Daniel in Babylon, like Esther and Mordecai, and Paul and the apostles. It permits an opportunity for stories to be told. But full-stage productions are more then just stories told – they are stories experienced! With the right plans in place, the campus can come alive with the events of history, of literature, and of Bible, which would coincide with several classes already active at the campus.

In addition to the immersion of the story, students (and the larger YWAM base property) would get exposure to legitimate stage logistics! Elements such as lighting, curtain operation, props, choreography, scripts, and possibly even some low-level special effects could be implemented.

As such a precedent is developed, it should foster and reinforce already-present functions of the school. Extra-curricular activities (as with sports) should be available to students only if their grades are at least at a 3.5 GPA (or equivalent). Furthermore, it is the responsibility of students to plan their preparation time.

It is strategic development such as this that will contribute to the greater inspiration of not only the CHS students, but YWAM students in schools. In a larger scope, CHS could be one more element of the campus that brings color to the community! While the school is simpler then many of the school in Tyler, the character developed in our community should be aloud to shine!

Logistical considerations for an excellent drama program:

Forming a core staff headship – at the heart of it all, the development freezes without minds to innovate. Someone to take ownership will advance the program from the bottom up, and other staff could support them.

Itinerary of dramas – While there may be actors/actresses, and a director, they need a story to work with. The story will largely dictate what stretching will happen. Several stories need to be developed from the Bible, the chain of Christianity, and even classical literature.

Artistic Expression – With the stage in its enhances state, musicians among us will feel honored to get to share their musical art with a genuine audience, in full venue decoration.

Encouraging the Economy – As the base develops a relationship with the city of Tyler, it is important to contribute back economically with revenue. Revenue in through admission means more revenue going out.

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