Apologetic Education

Bring more academic classes into the explicitly Kingdom of God atmosphere in order to reach the academic audience of the world.

Mission Statement:

To let the Kingdom of God set the standard of prosperity in the character they possess. Using the competition of other prestigious graduate and undergraduate degree programs, discipled sons and daughters of God can receive academically-shrewd training.


Missionaries have a multitude of career ambitions, as many as the unreached populace presents. The educational form should be Biblical, not just the people in it. Quality training options providing competing scholarship among the unreached academic world would be more attractive in a more intellectual atmosphere. A lucid comprehension of the material that the unreached world considers the norm should not be by-passed by the Christian evangelical community. Major Christian accredited colleges and universities offer no more of a Christian form of education that any other secular university; the difference being they are staffed by Christians and promote Christian themes and Christian content. Youth With A Mission is unique. It begins with prayer, with raising support and equipping from the local church to send an individual into a season of intense discipleship. It opens the individual into an international community that “spoils him for the nature”. The 5 month Disciple Training School indeed changes lives, and it’s not because the superior credentials of the staff, the 5-star luxurious accommodations, the cutting-edge classroom technology, or the internationally-known cuisine. It changes lives because of the open and exposed vulnerable hearts of both the students and staff, the commitment to God to see provisions come in by His awesome hand, and a unified goal to see God glorified despite the set-backs in the midst of the daily activities of the missions base.

After the 3 month Lecture phase and 2 month Outreach phase, a YWAM student often returns to graduate and move into a new field with a new Spirit. In some cases, (as is the case at YWAM Tyler) a School of Evangelism is required in order to staff. In this method, The organization’s motto is clearly seen: “ 1) To know God, and 2) Make Him known.” The School of Evangelism continues the character development phase that the Discipleship Training School began, shifting the focus outward. Now, the student looks at the nations to share what He has found to change hearts. The verse John 4:24 is a central concept that Jesus presented to the women at the well. “…true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in Truth…” This verse can certainly receive a lot more hermeneutic depth then what I propose, but for now, I consider the verse word-for-word in ESV format. Truth is the eternal laws of God originating from His nature expressed on an external level in the written Judeo-Christian cannon and the spirit is the internal, and the spirit is His spirit directly indwelling His Children to breath out His life beyond His direct comprehension. The first is reason, the second is faith. There is a phrase quoted in some evangelical circles I have heard: “Do not be so heavenly minded that you are no of earthly good, and conversely, do not be so Earthly-minded that you are of no Heavenly good.” Paul talked of a balance when interacting with people in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23. He desired to be “…all things to all people in order that he might save some…” It is our character that influences people that compels the unreached man to pursue Truth, and in some cases, it happens despite the Christian’s actions, instead being the entire work of the Holy Spirit in an inquisitive heart.

The 9 month Teachers For The Nations program I have recently graduated from equals the academic intensity I have encountered in it’s close sister school: School Of The Bible at the YWAM Tyler Dayspring campus. I am grateful for the exposure here to the principles of Government, Education, Providential history, and intentional grammatical and phonetic language training. Yet I am compelled to continue the learning atmosphere that remains here, though my research skills are undeveloped. I am longing to engage with the academic community on matters of Philosophy, and the fundamental roots all spheres have in God. A unique teaching method has been presented here that has been adopted by the local Christian Heritage School, and some grass-roots college institutions. It is distinctly Biblical, looking to the roots of every subject by through Biblical and dictionary research. It is called the Principle Approach method.

These are the outcomes I would like to see in YWAM, and then spread out to the greater community, with Christians leading it. They must be considered separate from the secular training of individuals, but prayerfully planned and strategised by God’s direction and Biblical research.

– Technical Writing Class (For MLA and APA industry standard formal writing)

– Qualitative primary source research training

– Peer-review by a genuinely discipled and spirit-filled community

My motivation for this project is to write a research-heavy book drawing out the origin of God in every sphere in society, demonstrating that not only should there be Christians in the field, but the field itself can be transformed into a Christian form. As God first brought the laws to the Jews through the Decalogue of the Stone tablets on Mount Sinai, and later the Levitical laws for proper worship and sacrifice, to the extent of a complete functioning civil society; and then later, when the fullness of time came, He brought the Messiah into the world to demonstrate the Spirit of the law of God being Love. In the same way, the academic society of the western world has received a solid educational system, much of which came through the Roman Catholic church.

*Additionally, for a school that trains missionaries for intellectual outreach locations like universities, the film or business industry, Wall Street, or architectural construction

Pursuing Truth,

Zachariah Baldwin, February 2014


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