Bounderies of hate

I have recently been able to teach those beneath me some of the hard principles of reality.  No, I do not agree that they are a prerequisite for a full life, however, in the context of our present day and age – it is nearly impossible to excape learning “the hard way”.  I am learning to embrace the principle of love overcoming evil.  Of blessing those who persecute, of lifting up the pessimist.  No, I don’t agree with their ideology, but I respect the source of their inception.  They are a creation of God.  It is one thing to teach theory without personal experience, however, there can be a confidence by way of ignorance.  I have very little difficulty seeing an underlying good in all people.

Sometimes they can carry me into some warm water, but I still feel that it beats the alternative – which ultimately is self-contained hatred poison.  Solomon said there was a time for everything under the sun.  I would agree.  Had has a place, but when it begins to be a smoothing medication (even at a well-contained level), it just needs to be let go of.  Hate is a powerful thing, and I don’t believe it was present in the very beginning.  Only good existed in the beginning.  There was no contrast of good in comparison to.  It just was.  It is not like the states of matter, where some elements become gasses at a particular temperature, and others become liquid at the same. 

Hate is (or should be) a response to evil, and evil alone.  Hate needs to be contained, where as love does not.  Love crosses both spectrums. Love did not have a beginning, just like God.  But hate did.  Hate not only offered more pathways to follow by the will, it permitted confusion.  Now, there could be stress as a result of prioritising the hatred of evil, and the love of good.  Too much love could actually destroy someone, but only because they have enough evil in them that love with dismantle and displace.  Evil is the undoing of the original plan, the original design.

To say something “was good” would have been the equivalent of saying that people breath air.  It was a unneeded statement.  It would have been more the just stating the obvious.

And yet, love doesn’t get the deep appreciation that hate seems to get these days.  Evil seems to have more of a mass appeal. Yet its limits, its bounderies can be found.  The bounderies of God is the rough equivalent of building a fence in open space.  It is purely nonsensical.

I like that.  That God cannot ever be mapped.  It is a statement through finite understanding, but it is facinating nonetheless…

Technological Middle man

"Mobile software development laboratory in The Estonian Information Technology College" by Marko Puusaar - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“Mobile software development laboratory in The Estonian Information Technology College” by Marko Puusaar – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Technology bridges the fields of science and economy, entertainment, and education.  If technologists are not ethically sensitive, they will put pressure on ethical boundaries that will be too subtle to detect.  Moral Boundaries Technology is a field that is marked by a constant state of growth and expansion.  It has brought us from podunk simplicity to an elaborate and sophisticated communicating society.  But it has limits in God’s creation, when man approach the moral boundaries for which man cannot empirically understand.  Technology has the tendency to allure people into making updates for capacity and theoretical sake, rather than a practical one. Fruit of science’s Labor Technology categorically sits smack dab between science and the rest of society, where theoretical things can be used and understood more tangibly.  Technology is the fruit of science’s labor.  But if those fruits prove to have no beneficial vitamins or minerals, then the fruit source has to be suspect. Much of the technology of today is advancing due to the push from the entertainment industry.  Video games, Movies, and general computing efficiency are charting theoretical new paths that technology can help to improve, but is entertainment really a reason to advance more depreciated methods?  While entertainment is a crucial element for society, it is only a peripheral element of the more crucial relational factor absolutely necessary of people. Economic Extension In addition to entertainment, business and economics are cashing in on more efficient methods of productivity.  Newer and faster equipment are usually a prudent investment, but how much of this equipment upgrading is based on an aesthetic desire that the consumer are subconsciously looking for, rather than an actually practical necessity? Educational Dimensions In the educational field, new equipment is likewise an obviously wise investment, because the paying student base will appreciate technological advancement and upkeep of their tuition investment.  But other factors are involved in the technological evolution in the classroom.  As technology changes in our learning environments, our learning styles acclimate to the new technology and equipment, so we begin to learn differently.  Now initially, there is nothing wrong with this, as the end is the learning is taking place.  But when it is analyzed deeper, the method of learning is itself a skill that is taken from school, and it is carried into life for further learning.  Education is a lot more than just learning facts – it’s about learning to think critically, to analyze information sources, and to strategize.  If those methods leading up to how facts are delivered to students are removed, people are launched into the world without all of their limbs.  It is imperative people are taught to question. So while I love the innovation being presented in the present technology industry, it needs to be more than just technology pushing it.  It has to be premised by a more fundamental society-based infrastructure.   In fact, technology’s advancement should be directed by more than just a external society infrastructure(s), it should be based on absolute, and unchanging moral principles that hold us together as a race, and define us as sentient, will-based creatures.

Noah’s Unnecessary Expectations or what’s all this fuss about Rock People?

This is a review by a Christian on a recently released controversial film that is optimistic. Thus my promoting it…

Apt Metaphor

imageDarren Aronofsky’s Noah, like many movies dealing with Christian subject matter, has become a topic for heated debate. My friend John Hawthorne has been talking a lot about debate in the American Christian socio-cultural world.

One thing seems very clear: Christians are getting really upset about some things they don’t think are very Christian. And that’s leading to other people questioning the veracity of what makes a thing Christian. As John has rightly pointed out, the wrestling* is not a bad thing (C.S. Lewis would certainly have approved, and gotten right into the swing of it), but the vilification, fear mongering, and hate speech is.

So where does that leave a Christian Hipster going to the movies?

I took my film class, a dozen plus students from a Christian institution, and my Sunday school-teaching mother to see Noah last weekend. My mom, if anyone, could point out the Biblical…

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The Search and Pursuit of Supernatural Freedom

Dark Music Rhythms

As I listen to the melody and lyrics of successful melancholy artists, I am immediately struck by the obvious state of pain and agony being subtly expressed. While the presentation is well-tuned and crafted, the heart and internal premise from with the contents originated is dark and dismal. Perhaps their prolific popularity is the relationship that so many individuals feel with the soulish rhythms expressed. Continue reading “The Search and Pursuit of Supernatural Freedom”

Adventures of The Kingdom

Redemption of Sin

In the beginning, it is all about restoring an existence of chaos into a beautifully-restored life. The clutches of the wicked has a great influence in the world, as it always has. It was the prerogative of God to see to it that His created men and women could be restored to their intended design, of which death was never apart. Christ opened the doors of salvation for men to enter life for the first time. Continue reading “Adventures of The Kingdom”