Again with the fractals…


I was again persuaded to utilize the Fractal procedurally-generated using the new rendering engine Eevee in Blender 2.8 created by JonasDichelle, which can be found here. Aside from those, I found a good fractal zoom view in Mandelbulber3d which I simply altered the lighting and colors.

The Claus Legacy

As the Christmas season is upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to share a (fictional) story I wrote for a psychology class I recently took. Unfortunately, since I put more effort into creative imagination rather than strict assignment stipulations, I didn’t get an excellent great, however, I still thought it was good. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! *Mind the elves’ horrid document keeping (they are chronic hot chocolate drinkers).

The Claus legacy - no highlighting_pg1The Claus legacy - no highlighting_pg2The Claus legacy - no highlighting_pg3The Claus legacy - no highlighting_pg4The Claus legacy - no highlighting_pg5The Claus legacy - no highlighting_pg6The Claus legacy - no highlighting_pg7

On the tablet of your heart

On the tablet of your heart.png

I been doing some treasure digging lately in scripture. I had been enjoying my journey through the Psalms, what with the raw poetic expressions of the authors pouring out his/her emotions to God. But then I arrived at Psalm 119. I had obviously heard of the grandeur that is this chapter (not to mention it’s intriguing nearness to the median point of scripture). But as I slowly ingest the passages, which have creatively preserved the Hebrew alphabet as headings to break the massive Psalm into more manageable morsels, it has satisfied a need my heart has long desired in Bible study.

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Blistering Blaze compilation video

This was put on the shelf for a while, but I got back to it and added a couple of things.

  1. Animated Soundbars
  2. Static fractal background
  3. Animated particle simulation background

This project also marks my further exploration of the Blender teams new beta release of Blender 2.8. To be honest, I have actually been using the viewport renderer exclusively up to this point. Eevee (Blender 2.8’s new renderer) allows for bloom to be rendered in real-time in the viewport (along with DOF and many other features). In particular though, I am fond of the active object outline that can be included in the final render (which can be set to whatever format one could want) as well as viewport samples. Most admirable about viewport render has ALWAYS been the fraction of time needed for rendering an animation (let along a single image)!Blender soundbars


One of the really cool take-aways from this project was my finding a video format that authentically authentically supports an alpha channel (transparent background). This allowed for some greater transitions and video overlays.

Here are a few snapshots:




Move Moving Fractals!

This project brought together several software programs. I began with Fractorium for the alpha fractal image sequence, then used Blender 2.8 (beta) to create the background using only Cycles shader nodes. Fractorium Still.png

This was the first real project I did in Blender 2.8. Blender 2 8.pngAfterward, I composited them together in Natron and added some special effects. As can be seen in the screenshot, I went back-and-forth experimenting with floating-orb particles eventually deciding against them.


At the beginning, The “sliding screenshot panes” were a learning opportunity for me in that I used the “holdout” cycles shader node for the first time! Blender.png

Fractal Animation Creation!


Fractal animation videos have been an ambition of mine for about a year now. However, the available (free-to-use) software has made the render time ridiculous. This video marks the end of my searching for a solution to fractal animations in a palatable amount of time. As you can see, the time to render a 10 second video is very reasonable:

Final Render results.png

Furthermore, the potential for creating still fractal images is also impressive here, since one common issue with a lot of the software out there is the limited resolution output. While the animation videos will now be more impressive thanks to the speed increase from GPU rendering, this will also make interactive image adjustments for UHD still renders awesome too!

I’m sure someone will have more knowledge on the topic than me (excluding Mandelbulb’s limited GPU support option). Every artist has their own workflow; Fractorium was just something that was pretty intuitive for me. I’d love to see animations others come up with!