About Me

Interning in the classrom
Interning in the classroom at CHS (Christian Heritage School) in YWAM Tyler, TX

        Growing up, I followed the traditions of the Evangelical protestant Christian church with ardent obedience (as the alternative was unthinkable).  After going through Discipleship and Biblical training with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and College coursework, I have learned not to let my confusion with difficult scripture passages mar the character of God or His beautiful creation.

 One of the main goals of this site is to influence a revival of a questioning culture, rather than a tradition-weary one.  Discussion is one of the best ways to reinforce learning.  As an added bonus, I have included my art portfolio here as a means of better expressing abstract illustrations in one place.  Please respect my time and effort in requesting my permission before using these images.  Also, I can provide some larger image originals.Artistic_Depiction2

If you have any questions regarding content (or requests for art permissions), use this form.  If you have comments about blog content or art critiques, please leave comments on the respective landing pages from the main navigation menu. Thanks!


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