On the tablet of your heart

On the tablet of your heart.png

I been doing some treasure digging lately in scripture. I had been enjoying my journey through the Psalms, what with the raw poetic expressions of the authors pouring out his/her emotions to God. But then I arrived at Psalm 119. I had obviously heard of the grandeur that is this chapter (not to mention it’s intriguing nearness to the median point of scripture). But as I slowly ingest the passages, which have creatively preserved the Hebrew alphabet as headings to break the massive Psalm into more manageable morsels, it has satisfied a need my heart has long desired in Bible study.

I have been growing more convinced that I need to be in the Word of God, and only reading it, but allowing it to get stuck in my head, recycling the words throughout the day. I’d always thought it strange to hear Christians talk about ‘abiding in the word’, using that familiar metaphor ‘chewing the cud’ as cattle graze in the Pasteur. But as I committed myself keep coming back, I started finding passages that stuck out to me. I can only imagine it is God who is emphasizing those passages (and some are partial passages, while others are multiple verses long; chapter and verse references were not present in the original manuscripts).

While this had been my experience before, but I suppose life had led me to try and rush devotions and as a result, passages stopped ‘popping out at me’. Anyway, in this case, I was in Psalm 119 as well as working through the Gospel of Matthew. I stopped:

 For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Matthew 12:34b

It all started to come together. That last two weeks worth of scripture digging had accumulated up to this point. See, I have always had a favorite Bible verse: Romans 12:1-2. Perhaps it was more out of a desire to be radically different (superhero style or alien race) from the average human race. Yet despite my observations growing up in the church, on missionary training bases, even in the mission field of individuals who had (and visually reinforced) the transformation that passage had indicated, I observed no such change in myself.

Yet I did notice something else. I have been looking forward to the time in the scripture more than any other point in my day. As Peter told Jesus,

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life

John 6:68

I can only expect more (and greater) discoveries such as this to come as a result of storing (and chewing) on scripture every day. By the way, I did a Google search on data storage in the heart, and the word usage struck me as ironic for such a seemingly separated field of IT. It intrigued my inquisitive brain as to physiological possibilities for how these age-old passages might indeed be more authentic than mere ‘soothing words’.

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