Blistering Blaze compilation video

This was put on the shelf for a while, but I got back to it and added a couple of things.

  1. Animated Soundbars
  2. Static fractal background
  3. Animated particle simulation background

This project also marks my further exploration of the Blender teams new beta release of Blender 2.8. To be honest, I have actually been using the viewport renderer exclusively up to this point. Eevee (Blender 2.8’s new renderer) allows for bloom to be rendered in real-time in the viewport (along with DOF and many other features). In particular though, I am fond of the active object outline that can be included in the final render (which can be set to whatever format one could want) as well as viewport samples. Most admirable about viewport render has ALWAYS been the fraction of time needed for rendering an animation (let along a single image)!Blender soundbars


One of the really cool take-aways from this project was my finding a video format that authentically authentically supports an alpha channel (transparent background). This allowed for some greater transitions and video overlays.

Here are a few snapshots:




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