Woven Silver Fractal Animation

This is project long in the making. It was a solid 4 weeks of fractal animation rendering, three days of sequence rendering, and subsequent  glitch diagnosing.

Mandelbulber3d (MB3D)

This has been the predominant fractal program in my arsenal to date. It has an interface that was just intuitive for me.


Gimp is the free-to-use opensource alternative to Photoshop I have developed a connection with. However for this project, I discovered a small plugin that allows for image sequence import/export. I was able to experiment with filters and export the altered frames old-school animation style.


This ought to be no surprise to anyone who follows my posts. I have always desired to output quality video from within Blender, but anything animated has historically led to excessively lengthy render times. Adding insult to injury, this was the largest full CG video I have ever endeavored. The VSE (Video Sequence Editor) is a very powerful component within Blender.

Fractal Stills


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