Walking a Bridge over Impossible

bridgeblogpostI recently entered a new season of life. It follows a season of great anticipation. In some ways, it represents a lifestyle I have long been looking forward to, but also represents a level of independence and individuality I have not previously had to dwell in. I have seen many seasons and experience many things – not something most in their thirties wouldn’t be able to claim. But this new season has been a dive into a mysterious new dimension of beginnings. During and after my arrival, I have receiving welcoming greetings and genuine courtesy, but my heart knows people are designed to reach beyond that. I have struggled to find a place amidst the unfamiliar populace, and yet hold no expectations for anything more than surface greetings.

Relationships, I often tell people, are crucial in life – and yet I find myself loosely connected to others. Even as my weekly and daily interactions with others broadcast a sincere relatability, I recognize true relationship (and trust within it) takes time and patience. Prior seasons had includes statements like “We do the impossible, God does the impossible”, and quotes from individuals like the missionary to China Hudson Taylor

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s protection”.

 This is a statement that has passed through many seasons of my life and given me confidence where it was lacking. I find a great confidence as I acknowledge that God has laid out plans ahead of me and has invited (even called) me to partner with Him in them.

While I recognize a significant amount of experiences behind me, I realize that many of those were meant to teach me individual lessons. Individuals I have looked up too, friends I have grown fond of, and places I have clung too were only a part of God’s larger plan for not only me, but His larger family. I moved into this new season with gratitude and a desire to learn humility. An image came to mind as I was walking recently. It was from “Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade” (I can’t remember the last time I watched this film, but it illuminated in my mental cinema quite vividly). It was of the scene in which Indiana was standing before a large chasm (beyond which was legendary treasure!). It is an end-game scenario – there is no possibility to proceed when there is no surface to walk on (or even a limb to swing with). But after briefing testing the supposed passage lore, he took a large step of faith into the impossible! He stepped into nothing and found a solid (though frugal) surface to proceed! I been recently encouraged that my merely acknowledging a desire for humility is a step towards receiving that gift. It is very easy for me to linger in the past and reflect what happened there, but I am excited to see what things God has planned, and how intends to use me. New seasons can bare momentary happiness, but God’s direction is a comforting and stable path I am thankful to be walking on.

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