Nostalgic Nuances

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I recently started listening to a podcast on Google Play called “Heavyweight”. While I had a hunch of what it would entail, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the amount of nostalgia, casually-informal clichés, and a more contemplative perspectives. However, I was surprised, despite

the fact that it is ‘that kind of presentation’. It occurred to me that is one of the sweet spots of rich, interpersonal communication. People talk with jargon, lingo, innuendos so often that it’s hard to distinguish when they are used and when their not. What’s more, I realized it isn’t just the clichés themselves – it’s how their employed. Clichés are actually semi-universal. They may develop a degree of fame on a local or national level, and yet be employed in both personal and professional conversations. For example, in a formal context, the cliché “he jumped the gun” is understood in association with the task. Conversely, in an informal context, the same statement could be the punch line of a joke.

I was surprised to observe the complexity in which conversation enjoys often outside informal environments too. In one episode of “heavyweight”, Gregor (a famous rock star) speaks with markedly-articulated words, from what appeared to be deeply contemplated thoughts and memories. I certainly won’t omit the vulgar language as inappropriate here. Another episode from the podcast introduced its audience to two brothers who had grown up in a part of New York that left a noticeable dialect on their speech. But they also used vulgarities to articulate particular feelings and emotions in ways that may not have been achievable otherwise. I am always impressed with the level of complex thought that accompanies a persons feelings when they don’t otherwise appear to be a person with that level of emotional contemplation. I think different people articulation complex emotions in different ways, I think everyone goes through experiences that are very multi-faceted and it makes sense that there would be difficulty or even frustration in expressing them properly.

As I continue listening to additional episodes in this podcast, I continue to find elements that come out in

people that may or not come out in daily activities. I don’t think these are necessarily restricted to informal, casual activities, but that is usually where intuition, creativity and emotional fluctuations are allow to flare up more. I feel that this demographic our lives and interpersonal communication is becoming increasingly more secluded and isolated. Emotions are a deep and very real part of who people are, and deserve just as much of a place in our society and communities as logic and intellect.

At the end of the day, people move into conversations and interactions with others that are often less task-oriented and more reactionary.

I have recently discovered the wonder of and old tv classic, “Cheers” and have found that this is a place in our society that has a rich potential to unite us on a special level – friendship. In the show, the characters have vulnerabilities and fragmented life situations. They however, share the bond of knowing each other well. In truth, the PUB setting is easily described as a medicating atmosphere. Back during the mid-eighties when this show aired, people still maintained a general courtesy (even in the urban downtown Boston area) and eventual honesty with one another.


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