Intrinsic Value

     Intrinsic_value_banner         Value is an interestingly fluid concept today. Usually a thing is valued if it has admirable characteristics. For instance, Silver is valuable because it has monetary worth. However, raw silver may not be valued if not for that by many people. Many still see silver for it’s potential in a pure, polished form though

Such is the case with many things in our society today. Objects are valued for their resale potential. It’s decidedly sad, but unregrettably true. Sure, personal value may be assigned to objects in possession for a long period of time, maybe even affected by the circumstances occurred through it’s space occupation. But how often are objects (or individuals) appreciated for more endearing factors? Rather than for utility, innate existence alone? In some ways, there is real difficulty in perceiving of the value of an object independent of it’s contribution to the atmosphere around it, but this is the subject worth debating.

        If value is assigned by the beholder, any conceivable object has the potential of attaining extraordinary value. Already considered are monetary and personal significance an object may maintain, but beyond this, perhaps an individual or party may develop a base value for all things

regardless of what it is. In this way, value may be discovered for a particular object or person. There are those out there that scour junkyards and municipal garbage sites in order to obtain raw assets for artistic or mechanical projects. Though the raw assets may appear completely useless, they may provide the means of not only creating a new aesthetic or even practical result, but even provide a new efficiency precedent in the larger society through the innovation of the gatherer (and team). Though recycling methods have certainly been seen a measure of success in the past and present, they object receive second-rate praise compared to their new counterparts. No one likes used stuff. Exceptions include used stuff that comes at a lower monetary value. But new always trumps the old/used. But if old objects are merely compositional units of a larger, more complex mosaic of innovation, the value may even exceed the new object’s equivalent value. While objects themselves are often valued in comparison with their competitive counterparts in our world, innovation is the creative catalyst for value where none may have previously existed.

        The 17th Century political philosopher John Locke once indicated that property plus labor creates permits a ownership. Intellectual property is today recognized in a similar way today. Patents, script character’s, and architectural blueprints predicate ownership, even though not occupying spatial dimensions. In the same way, value can be given to objects based on external parameters, such as a creative inspiration, hopeful aspiration, or unconditional love. The latter parameter may be a surprising consideration in light of the highly materialistic discussion thus far, but in truth, value is said to be in the eye of the beholder. More importantly, an individual may have discoverable value both under the surface and external sources. For instance, YouTube has

become a place for seemingly unknown individuals to establish their claim to fame (such as the pop star Justin Bieber). However, many different mediums may allow for individuals to exhibit value not immediately recognized as significant. Sometimes what is unrealized as valuable internally is the very thing valuable to another. Admirable qualities of a job candidate to a hiring manager are usually humility and adaptability.

        Character attributes such as humility isn’t something our society presently emphasizes through any direct educational outlet today, although it is often still one of the highly attractive subtle attributes observed in the modern hiring process. In truth, what sets such a feature apart is it’s endearing presence. While technical training is certainly maintained throughout a person’s life, deeper qualities of the person may make such professional qualities insignificant. Character qualities are those non-spatial factors that allow more tangible elements to exhibit themselves as polish on a clean foundational base. Further still, individuals who lack any kind of weighty bias, or heavy worldviews are singled out as employers view them as requiring much less retraining (or untraining). As a result, sometimes what is most admirable about an individual in our present society is the fact that he/she is relatively simple. As ironic as this may sound, such individuals offer a nice contrast to a highly biased and opinionated world. Unconditional love takes this a step further and regards individuals as valuable through an externally recognized potential value, even when none may be present. Sincere love values where no direct value exists. Sincere love assigns value where it has been either lost or never existed at all.




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