Marred Picture

The depiction of God in the Bible is one substantially illustrated by the redemptive resolution of God reaching back to the beginning of chapter 3 of Genesis.  It carries on in this flawed narrative of an alternate trajectory until the end of chapter 22 of Revalation. But, in appeal to that old addage, it may in fact be best to “read it cover-to-cover”.  The plan of God is hidden under the heavy veil of a sin-influenced society; but the Bible preserves where it left off in the garden with a picture what is planned for us post-redemption.  When our sanctification is fully achieved, we can continue the conversation ‘in the cool of the day’.

The Bible doesn’t leave the characters devoid of their personality though – especially not God Himself.  He is, if carefully observed seen and heard repeated with an outstretched hand and a longing heart for revival of a special communion.  Holiness, it would turn out, is much to the contrary of a lofty asthetic; rather, it is a precious and special celebration of close, intimate friends.  Those who share in a perfect, unjaded trust for one another.  The rich expression felt in such an atmosphere could only be imagined by us here now.  But tastes and glimpses are permitted.  They certainly don’t all occur in the church framework, for goodness sake.  What was once meant to reflect the closeness and warmth of loving affection turned into the picture of tradition, orthodoxy, and religious transaction.  The influence of sin is seen most ironically in that it has invaded the very atmosphere that washed it out.
The aftermath of the fall in the garden wasn’t a ‘botched experiment’ or failed attempt however – not in God’s eyes.  He pursued the next best just as any passionate lover does in pursuit of their dissolutioned companion – He remained faithful.  He held up the household while the prodigal carried out his preoccupation with promiscuity.  The cause of redemption is beautiful indeed, but God has many faces – redemption is only the most powerful because it has been what was needed.  Imagine the expression He has when all is well?  Imagine the conversations, the laughter, the adventures.  The age of redemption is drawing to an end, don’t be bashful in ushering in the age of restoration…


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