Entrance into The Kingdom

Articulated Elegence_banner.pngIt begins with an awareness of a need for something more in life.  An acknowledgement of a need for a savior from our own crap.  Jesus offers this opportunity to be lifting out of the mud, or chasm it may be.  The cross is here – representing a place of the persecution of innocence.  It’s the starting point of new life.  The journey of relationship with God commences here.  This is the strategy that has been in preparation since the second chapter of Genesis.  It goes back a long way.  But the thing about beginnings – they have a view of that which lies beyond it.  Someone at the cross soon gets to see the dawn at the horizon; the light that is outside the tunnel.  The perspective of something much bigger is initiated here for the first time.  From here, it is right and just to begin to learn to walk, to run, to explore.  It adventure is now before this reconciled individual.  The hope is ahead of him.  The advance from that doorway is the reality of the Kingdom of which he has entered into.   This place and this memory is never forgotten, but to build camp at the entrance is shortchanging to value of the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is known because of the King it belongs to, and the character it operates in.

The adventure is in the exploration of life with a loving, dependable Father.  It is expected there will be lessons to be learned, but that’s not the point.  It is a journey that is inherently wild.  There is a new vantage point on life that is embraces unknown elements with new vigor and excitement.  What God spoke to men in past ages was within the context that they lived; and it isn’t always the same message He want’s to give to us today.  More significantly, He heart is for relational intimacy with us on an individual level.  Just as was the story of God prior to the Fall in Genesis three in the Garden, God came to walk with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.  He likes to have conversation, to see beauty, and to contemplate with us.  He wants to hear our dreams, and discuss our life issues in light of what will bring us joy as we continue on in the journey.  For God, it’s always been a long-term relationship.  He sees eternity spread out ahead of us (His adopted family).  He acknowledges the other individuals in His Kingdom, and addresses them corporately, but continues to be fully engaged to very deeply intimate conversation with us on a one-on-one level.  His voice is always uplifting and yet antiquetedly wise.  His words penetrate deep into the fabric of our soul.  The adventure of the Kingdom is a new lifestyle that began with the cross, that continues with the warming presence of God’s Spirit, but does not ever end.  It is a forever thing.

God has revealed something beyond our present understanding of a paradigm that was originally intended that was even a risk that God had entered into as part of the free will He made us with.  There is something truly magical about what is ahead for us as we walk ever closer to the heart of God, getting to see ever more of the shining intensity of His love, and rich warm that has always been tied to His triune nature as God.  This adventure began as something beautifully and life-changing.  But, like nothing else we know, it has no end.  Every new experience from here on out will be enraptured in the awareness that our dreams will be able to grow and mature forevermore.  God is not only a saving God, is a risk-taking God of great vision.  His heart is to reach something new and breath-taking – together with His accepting children…

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