Transformational Influence

Transformational Influence.png

What kinds of things sincerely affect you, even change your core worldview/lifestyle? Are they generally things that others have invited you into corporately, or things someone has specifically directly towards you?

It occurred to me that the things in my life that have been the most impactful have been specifically directed towards me. Granted, there are concentric levels of impact. A group of 10 will be more specifically appreciative of a gift or affirming word then would a group of a 100 in say a large corporate, although they more so then a 1000 in a global conglomerate appreciative effort. Those moments that reach the deepest recesses of our soul can not truly be shared with others. I know what you are thinking. “I’ve been apart of groups where we were exceptionally cared for”. I think there are some cases were larger group application efforts are followed by sincerity towards the individuals. One of the things that would go along with this would be the time dedicated to the celebration of others, and the uniqueness of the gift/word given to the individual. Even in cases where only the group is addressed, I recall personally-induced nostalgia that preserved the memory as special. Such an example would be receiving an invitation to someone else’s wedding, and having an awesome time, even though the bride and groom were not intimately known to you.

I think we learn best when we teach ourselves in life. Our own experience reach past what we absorb from others. Think about it. Sitting in a lecture is exceptionally boring until you apply into in the context of your life (hobbies, beliefs, political persuasion). You come alive when you make it your own. Your paper opens you up to thinking about a topic in the otherwise boring class because you got to pick where you want to ‘dig’. This must be carefully considered within the age-old “nature-nurture” psychology debate. Are we born with it, or did we develop it along the way? This is a profound question (among many), that each person should ask themselves. In fact, the answers to many questions should at least tentatively arrived at if a person is to achieve a stable worldview. A worldview is, and has always been, something an individual arrives at on their own. Their perspectives in life, their experiences, their learned knowledge, and their social relations all play into how someone views the world. But what if someone chooses to revisit long-arrived-at answers from a fresh perspective? Would the new answers affect his/her future lifestyle? Would it even stick?

The question is: Do we learn from others, or do we actually absorb information (be it experiential or intellectual), and then analyze it and categorize it? Do we really just accept what others give us (read or heard)? Returning to the introductory prompt – are there things that we learn because others have encouraged us to? Perhaps what we “learn” depends on who is teaching it, and how it’s propelled us. People generally gravitate towards those who have “style” right? A distinct poise, tact, attractive mannerisms – things that suggest what is under the wrapping paper is worth receiving. But it doesn’t unwrap itself does it?

Though my thoughts here may be someone fuzzy, I am drawn to the idea that real learning happens when we are engaging it from someplace deep inside. When we connect with what some other soul-bearing individual has said, acted out, or created, and desire to relate with their newly-created (or subtly revised) content. It’s been said “There is nothing new under the sun”, and I wonder if when we read a good book or examine art – we are relationally interacting with someone else’s life perspective/worldview. Perhaps we learn through a relational desire to connect with others.

Wouldn’t that be interesting now?

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