Predestined for Adventure


It’s a finicky thing, this life.  We are born with hearts full of curiosity.  We are relentlessly pursuing things that fascinate us.  People begin life full of curiosity, and desiring a journey.  The world is full of the remnants of antiquity;  some antiquated pages of mythical tales remain, but much more credible remembrance are the biographical stories of lives lived, of rational structures developed, and traditions passed on.  But there is a place in our hearts for mystery — for the unknown discoveries while on the trail.  This is a deep beauty to be appreciated in life.

I perceive the cross of Jesus as the beginning of a much larger adventure that reaches much beyond redemption and remission of sin.  It is the entrance into exploration with our Creator. God has a picture of what is ahead for us, but He doesn’t make our decisions for us, so there is a place in our future that God has to guide and inspire us to choose.  Rather then an exact destination, there appears to be a state of our character that is ideal to relationally live and thrive in.  Much may be said of structure, of accuracy, of organization; but what has always led us as Christians, has always led us as God pursuers, is His Spirit!

We get about 90 years here on this earth, and then we enter through a portal into a different state of existence.  It isn’t unanimously determined what happens beyond that point, but what is significant is the highly agreed upon probability of something beyond earthly life.  Faith, by definition, is not exhaustively definable.  According to Hebrews 11, it’s the “substance of things not seen…”  We don’t get to systematically structure faith.  Faith may be based on trust, but it trail blazes far beyond it using an internal imagination; letting us dream.  I have read in more then one case where faith is considered synonymous with religion/relationship with God.  But this is not necessarily a religious word.  When a person exercises faith, they are adopting a non-exhaustive stance.  Faith doesn’t ever end.  Faith (at least for Christians) reaches into the depths of God,  It’s a capacity to reach into what we do not know.

As Christians, we are called the light of the world (Matt. 5:14).  But this also means we are mirrors of a joyous heritage that is greater then us.  We are dream bearers; living lives the exemplify everything beautiful that a life without limits looks like.  This isn’t a guilt tripping, but a renewed contemplation of what we are as Children of God — of a wildly childlike countenance that is ours to embrace.

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