Wearing Hats


In our present society, very distinct personalities are essential. There is the necessity for retailers, who sell items. There are teachers, who convey information and inspire others. There are police who keep the peace, and legislators who consider the ramifications of the laws that law enforcement actually enforces. The medical community has several hats involved, from the efficiently-moving paramedics, to the spinal surgeons trained to correct very technical and difficult anatomical problems in a person’s body.

But beyond just the business demographic, there is so many areas of society where we see the “hats” people wear. There are fathers, who set the standard for manhood, and brothers, who set a good “peer example” for other siblings during childhood. There are mothers who care for and nourish the youth. There are friends that “stick closer then a brother”. These are but a few of the examples of different “non-technical” hats that are worn by people. Just as Master chief 117, being a augmented super soldier as he is, has another side to him, a good friend known to his comrades as “John”. This is because even the Master Chief knows you can’t go it alone. It’s about the partnership, about the teamwork. There is just a place in our hearts for the people underneath the hats.

Consider the law enforcement officer. His job is difficult for him, though he has been trained well to do it with honor and disconnected with those he has to engage in the line of duty. He knows when the day is done, he can take off the hat, and head home to his family.  There is definitely an element where his character comes out in his labor, but it come out in leisure too.  The difficulty is, there are many who feel that those who wear certain hats never take them off. Some feel that a municipal court judge has one place in life, and it revolves around civil justice. But the reality is not true, or at least that’s not the ideal. A person who studies law expects to take off the hat like anyone else, to rest from the stresses of his labor. It is no surprise that rest was a mandate given by God in the Mosaic law.

This socioeconomic materialistically-rich society is a society full of hats. And this is a good thing. For these “hats” allow people to serve the community well. And good comes from putting in a hard days work. But too much time “in the hat” can have depreciating effects on a person. People can begin to lose their personal hobbies, their friends, their families. At worst, people can even lose their deepest internal beliefs seeing too much of what was never to be seen in such quantities. It is essential that we, as a society remember the people “under the hat”, remember even those underneath their family-designated hats. People are the most important thing in our lives, and should be the basic level at which we share relationships with them.

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