Educated Society


It has been said that Education is preparation for life. This is really a loaded statement. For one, education isn’t a “one-size-fits-all situation”. Some families choose to home school their children. Furthermore, different types of academic institutions are available at the elementary (with greater diversity beyond). But even when the societal norm is considered (secular public school), the connotations associated with education are inevitably biased. Take for example the very statement “preparation for life”. Some would say this happens in the family sphere exclusively. In fact, what is life really? Is it a merely a career? Some would claim life is a about social interaction, and the school environment is about the “social experience”. The reality though is belief systems play into education, since one’s belief about what education is what determines what educational steps will be taken.Educational Influence and Roots - New Page

Education is one the seven spheres that are becoming more and more Interwoven, where the government is influencing business, which depends on the marketing of the entertainment industry, which is all being made “formal” mention of in the media. The major demographic of modern education is one that receives the majority of it’s funding from the government, which means the government gets to determine what is taught to the next generation. The problem is governmental workers are people too, and these people also watch the media, and are influenced by the entertainment industry. It’s (the entertainment industry) methods are based on the consumer demand, and thus are cyclical. The problem gets worse when individual in the entertainment industry present historical narratives with a “dramatic flare”. Hollywood at the very least supplements our perspective of the world.

Education has a great mantle, and it’s no wonder the education industry is having a harder time employing teachers. The next generation is going to be the most pluralistic, multi-diversified, culturally-primed generation to ever be put through the system. While education may have strong financial backing from the government, the family is largely influenced by the entertainment industry. Truth_influenceBelief worldviews are not taught directly any more – they are subconsciously “experienced”. While this is part of the way worldviews may be developed, people with this kind of upbringing don’t know why they believe what they believe. The problem for society then comes forward: “what keeps society together?” If the law enforcement are indirectly influenced by their families, entertainment, business, and a ever-widening lack of moral foundation from the church – where is the cement that holds our social structure together? This clearly isn’t resolved in Congress, or the U.N. – this is something that has to be resolved between individuals and God, and between family members, and families in their neighborhoods. Our “way of life” isn’t going to last in it’s current state, but even if it did – is this really what we want?

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