The Sound of a Thousand Songs

The_sound_of_a_thousand_songs-bannerThough stereos haven’t gone out of style, it has become common place in our generation to have headphones or earbuds in one’s ears. It is a testament to the technological advancement, as well as the capitalistic and individualism ideological movements. And while there is nothing wrong with personal preference, it makes one wonder if there is a degree of noise pollution that goes beyond the audible output apparatus.

The present economic situation is to advance business in whatever ways possible. This means advertisements need only submit to legal restrictions, and beyond that, creativity is king. It isn’t just music though. It is movies, tv shows, books, schools, libraries, cars, and clothes. They are all products that have shown themselves to be in demand by the large majority of the populace. So the entire populace is subjected to the advertisement of a desperate economical demand for sustaining profit margins. It can be seen when more and more people traffic through a store, website, or expo without paying for more then minimal entrance fee. Advertisement is becoming a business in itself! Movies today now intrinsically come with introductory trailers of upcoming releases (which will be released with their own portion of upcoming releases). The economic atmosphere has now an element of this (along with this), and the two have been tied in so well into a 30 second short, or a 3 minute dramatic summary.

It was once true that people would sit down and actually spend long hours, slowly developing fictitious languages for their own personal enjoyment (consider J.R.R. Tolkien)! Today, if this is done, the mentality is that it will hopefully result in a dramatic profitable updraft. While the sound of innovation is often linked with the sounds of capitalism, that doesn’t mean that we must be motivated by the competition to stomp way above them. There can still be a patient enjoyment of creativity that doesn’t necessarily result in a blockbuster, or a Nobel-prize.

The music that fades out isn’t always the indicator of new music to fill the supposedly-produced void. The noise present today is enough to necessitate some occasional “mute moments”.


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