Percieving Worldview Systems: Ministry Update

DSC_0097We are approaching the end of the 3rd quarter at Christian Heritage, and there is talk of outdoor events. Spring will be the host of such events as the Spring Program, Track and Field Day, and our first CHS Talent Show (Secondary)! We have moved into our study of Texas history, which means our Texas History Field trip at the end of the year is looming on the horizon!

DSC_0153We are finishing up our study of Space and heat, and I was thankful to have a parent who is expertly trained in metallurgy explain (and demonstrate) for us how heat changes things! I am very excited to be moving into our next unit in science – The Nervous System. The leading idea for this next unit will be simply, “God Creates Man”, and I would love to go over basic anatomy and physiology (but that would just be too much…). Rather, the fifth graders will study about the brain, nerves, and the complex autonomous systems controlled by our brain. One of the labs will include a virtual DSC_0152lab on our 60″ screen to look at the details of the nervous system, as well as how God interlinked them with some of the other systems of the incredibly complex human body!

For language classes I get to teach, we will be finishing the last of the 29 Spalding rules, and students will begin hunting down rules in words, and using reason to determine why words are spelled the way they are. For Grammar, we are just finishing our main parts of speech, and will be moving into general concepts of sentences like capitalization rules. As always, the leading idea we have in grammar is “The structure of Language”, and DSC_0154something I keep emphasizing is that language is the key element of relationship. With this idea in mind, I have given some grace to some formal elements that can be taken legalistically, while still learning the proper forms of words. But communication is more about the message then the format!

In Bible in 4th grade, we have transitioned into the Epistles. We looked at Paul, and the context the Jews and the new Christians were in (The Roman Empire), and then the individual churches to which the letters were written. As Paul’s epistles is my weakest area of the Bible, I would ask for your prayers as I deliver effective content to these fourth graders about what Paul was trying to get these young Christians to understand.

Outside of CHS, I have long-term goal to finish my undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, and have enrolled in two courses over the course of this season until June. Right now I am in a Biblical Worldview class online, and the goal of the class is to get students to understand the basic different worldviews present in society today. More specifically, to understand the Christian contrasts, and why Christian monotheism is the better option. I am completely loving the immersion in deep study, and intend on enrolling as a full-time student at Ecclesia College campus next Fall.!gallery/c1l1j

This weekend will be interesting, because I am supporting a LARP (Live Action Role Play) ministry that is just beginning here at the YWAM Tyler base. We are still in the “Mechanical Play test” phase, meaning we are just testing out the rules, stat/character trees, and most interestingly, our improvisation in our character roles. I am really needing some help with finances, and would request your prayers for God’s support as I finish this year off without living in any kind of debt. Thank you to everyone for your following and for your encouragement!

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