“Where Seeds Have Fallen…”

It is the imagery of an epic, where major events have transpired, and climatic results are sure to follow. It is a theme used by Jesus in John 12:24.  The simple nature of seeds is they are the complex packages of code necessary for life. I am not merely referring to physical life however. There is a principle here, I think. Consider it mathematically. A number (x) multiplied is doubled (2x). That new number (2x) is doubled to (2(2x)) to get to 4x. But life isn’t always as simple as mathematical expressions (even though some would argue it is). A seed (in biology) represents the beginnings of an explosive new independent supplier of fruits, each containing their own individual quantity of seeds. This is the case within botany, but what about when a mentor passes on? A new generation of apprentices now enthusiastically and passionately “take up their father’s sword”… When the leader is among them, they rally under him, but when the leader passes, a new generation takes the vision in a multitude of new and diverse directions that wouldn’t have been able to happen before.

These circumstances, while initially hard, are the ground-breaking beginnings of long-cherished and endearing visions. People still revere death as an event of great magnitude. It hits us all as unnatural, as “out-of-place”. It would be my position to submit that death wasn’t part of the original plan, and that God had *subsequent* resolutions about death that bring about another level of multiplicity of life.

The difficult task of casting vision is a difficult one indeed, but if done well, a team forms which is now a testament to what the original vision was, or a 100 fold multiplication (consider Walt Disney). I heartily consider the treasure of seeing the legacy of a vision pass into subsequent generations with new vigor, spurred on with death of the beloved original founder (Consider Steve Jobs and Apple). Visions begin through the diligent labor of individuals, but the true brilliance of a massive explosion happens when a community can take it where one person hadn’t expected it to go. I believe it to be the heart of God to take the vision of one person and carry it on to completion in the hands of a intimate team. And it was birthed in the context of an intimate team, the team carefully and sensitively selects those who will carry on the torch with the same (if not more) boldness then those who had carried it before. I believe it to be the heart of God to watch His children go somewhere with His revelation that they couldn’t go had it been their own.

I whole-heartedly believe God’s heart is to see people acting in incredible intimacy, laboring in love, to create something greater then any one person to hope to achieve. God see’s the larger spectrum, and He understands that we are all wanting to connect, to grow, to participate. And really, it’s not about the end product. It’s about the adventure of the process it took to get there. The depth of relationship built enroute. As you consider the team you are in, the family your are close to, or the community you are apart of, know that you are corporately capable of some pretty astronomical results, and they aren’t found at product distribution – they are found at the campfire, at the fence line, or watching that sunset with those you have grown so close to. As we observe life, recognize that it shouldn’t be appreciated just at the somber moment when someone passes, and their life is remembered – it should recognized in the moments at the skating rink, waiting to long for mom outside the mall, or sitting in the lobby at the dentist’s office. Life doesn’t end at our physical death, but I am guessing that what we do while we are here stays in our memories for eternity, and they are moments remembered in ultra-definition brilliance.


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