Life Narratives

Life_narratives_bannerWhile organization is a highly stipulated element of life for many people, the reality is life has a degree of unpredictability. It can be messy, and whimsical at times. But isn’t that what makes life beautiful? Isn’t the key factor of excitement and adventure in life the very element of unpredictability that is also at times stressful?

When you have a meeting with someone, and they don’t show up as expected, the temptation is to be frustrated. But sometimes, in those moments, we catch things we wouldn’t catch otherwise, because we are allowed to sit without a pre-defined agenda. We may let ourselves dream. We may contemplate the detail of the meeting place, the ambiance of the traffic, and how the smoke from a discarded cigarette dissipates into the atmosphere. Sure, there is beauty in a well-defined calendar, and it can bring joy in life. But when everything is planned out, is there really any adventure in that?

Maybe a key factor of a life well lived is not keeping everything synced with an ironclad itinerary, with alternatives if someone or something cancels. Because sometimes, we need to be able to dream with no filters or constraining limits. Sometimes it is viable to actually make substantial lifestyle modifications.

Someone who is in financing may decide box manufacturing may be more rewarding. Someone in film may find aesthetic installations is more satisfying. Life is more sophisticated then landing an impressive career, and along with just a rewarding lifestyle change, relationships that come along with that change can also be huge. Friends, or even coworkers can really make for adventure in life, and it is surprising how much the daily relational interactions actually influences us and our lifestyle satisfaction.The rewards are, most would probably agree, is about the long-term, and most often, this means the relationships we hold.

People are the most interesting factors in our life. They are genuinely unpredictable, whether organized or not. The expressions people output in the world, such as the choice of wallpaper at your favorite coffee shop, or the amount of lanes on a major street are the real sweet diversity in life. Remember that when you are at the store staring out different boxes of cereal, maybe frusterated at the price, or irritated with the length of the line at the checkout. It may be in that line that your life changes, and you, in retrospect, wouldn’t have it any other way.


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