Stewardship & Control

Stewardship_control Banner.pngIt is important for us to recognize that just because we purchase something, we don’t know it well enough to take absolute control of it. Every object in this universe is made of an unimaginable level of complexity. The reality is that we (if we’re honest) don’t want that kind of control. More realistically, we become stewards of our property. He who created the substance, and created the laws that govern the phase of that substance, and all the nuances well outside of our conscious awareness of a particular item. Just as in our bodies, where things are happening autonomously, we trust the intimate things of life to be taken care of. So true control is actually a pipe dream. What a relief! We are then given a relaxed title of our property, which still entitles us to a large degree of governance over that which we steward. So, though we may not have complete control at the deepest level, we oversee, maintain, and steward things in our lives. We may not hold the ownership title, but we are the caretakers, and we may care take for year, decades, or our entire lifetime! If we fail to take good care of our property, it shows a poor respect to the true owner, whose understanding of the deep structure is full.


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