Indepentant Governence

Indepentant_GovernenceIt has long been an impression of mine that our nation, (in it’s current predicament) needs a resolution. One that is permanent. Fortunately, an easily actionable strategy is already worded in our own Declaration of Independence. The populace of the United States have always held a “self-governing nature”. By that, I mean people have made decisions on a local rather then corporate scale.

Looking back to the 17th Century, Bradford, when referring the proportioning of land to the settlers of Plymouth, after the failure of raising crops in the traditional common wealth fashion, said: “…it made all hands very industrious… The women now went willingly into the field…” There is simply something about working on our own land, improving our own property, and generally not being governed from across great spans of geographical and political seperations. It was this very event that brought the colonists to begrudgingly seperated themselves from the crown (after spending almost 10 years in humble petitioning to arrive at a proper resolution).

This much is clear in our Declaration of Independence, where Americans came to worship freely (as is clearly evident in Bradford’s writings). They saw neglegence in the decisions of crown in giving the colonists a measure of freedom – instead, they tightened in the reigns. Americans on the cusp of a great war, made clear they would not put up with a usurpation of the Creator’s endowment of unalienable rights to all men. The colonists went begrudging through process of dissolving these political bands, knowing not only that England was the world power, but that they had long appreciated their importation partnership with them.

It is today approaching a similar stage of centralized government, where those of the far-western states experience the execution of laws voted and established across the length of the United States. Few states in the union hold any great appreciation or patriotism for their state, or even city anymore. Texas exists unique exempt in this regard, preserving its heritage as once being its own Republic for a period of ten years. But despite the unique Texan history, there is unique originalities of each region of the United States, if not each state individually.

As was long ago set up, State Governors were set up to govern local affairs, whereas the President’s position was prudently described by Washington as merely “presiding” over the proceedings of Congress. There exists multiple forms of “separation of powers”, including 1) Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary, and 2) the State and Federal levels. While our states retain their governor offices, their state legislators, their State Troopers, and cities with their Mayor positions, city councils, and Police Departments, they have lost the potency as our Federal influence.

It is a tragedy, as the most effective influence will be local. Our own city law makers understand what is most important and relevant to us, and our state governors can make larger sweeping laws that effect what we would like to see changed. And there is still a place for our state representatives sitting in on our National Congress, but how much should those affect us in any particular city? How much do we want them to? What is decided in Washington should be most applicable to Washington. Just taking from the reasoning of our fore and founding fathers. Let’s restore the systems that served us well America, and lets advance into this new century as strong, yet humble. Independent, yet receptive to the wisdom of virtue


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