Faith Transformations

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It is becoming more and more common in the medical field to notice that the placebo effect produces results. But how does it produce results if the substance itself is not of effective? It has been said in the athletic field that pain in 90% mental and 10% physical. The field of science has a long tradition of, despite precise, distinct training, discoveries by accident. Why this anomaly? Is the some universal principle here that is at play that would predominately influence the physical actions, or responses to physical stimuli?

It would align with principles of mathematics, physiology, and philosophy. Mathematics has base concepts that are really conceptual, but when applied physically, they are sound, and are dependable. Our muscles are merely responding to electrical signals sent from our brain. What appears to be happening is merely a response. But are electrical signals being created in the brain also a result of something yet deeper? In philosophy, a premise is essential in order to get to proper conclusion. A foundational idea, or starting point.


In our modern society, there are more consequences visible then there are actions. Under normal circumstances, a business can start and even grow in an already active market, merely competing with competition. But it is the innovative new concepts, the fledgling ideas that enrich our society with a whole new market or industry. Those who can find these enigmatic pieces of an advancing society will have unrestricted growth, as competition has not begun to exist in that new area.

From a neurological perspective, two types of mindsets have been noticed by analysts: “fixed-mindseters”, and “growth mindseters”. Those who hold fixed mindsets tend to not reach for new challenges, and will not grow from their current state. They will retain whatever they had at the height of their last growth mindset state. Those who have growth mindsets see challenges as opportunities. They learn how to proceed around the obstacles in front of them. This is the stuff that entrepreneurs contemplate. They don’t see obstacles as permanent. Time itself is not even a real barrier for them. They persevere, and success is not merely the pin-pointed goal, it is well beyond it.

From a theological perspective, we know that our soul is something that will last long after our body is decayed and dispersed (depending on presuppositions). Spiritual realities emphatically overshadow the things of our physical existence. Beliefs we have about what happens in that realm will have a potentially infinite life expectancy, whereas the beliefs about our present physical universe are limited to the universe’s existence. Furthermore, biblically, the character modeled by God is that of an interactive, conditional relationship. He responds to our actions, while upholding His holy and righteous standards. It was ideas that preceded the creation of the universe, and attributes of relationship that are the factors that stimulate God’s invading His normal, functioning creation.

Our current generation is more reactionary then it is pioneered. Education is based requirements for job placement, advertisements are based on what consumer reports have observed, and laws are legislated based on a shifting set of generational precedents. If mindsets have been found to be game-changers, beliefs are life transformers.

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