Superior Authority

intro“Has all of the tribute come in?”, Arapachi asked one of the tribute collectors.  “Nearly; there are some regions that are still being negotiated with.”  The elaborate Inca capital of Cuzco had been the central gearbox of the empire.  Plans were in place to extend the empire through the generous offering of gifts, diplomatic alliance, and marriage partnerships.  Region acquisition was not a massive strategy of the Inca ruler family, however the advancement of civilization made the strategy prudent.

“Are the ceremonial preparations in motion?”  Arapachi had asked his sister Merapachi.  “They are brother, and the spiritual leaders are informing us of new revelations when we gather for the ceremony in 7 days time.”  “What revelations?”, asked Arapachi.  While Riapachi was the elder male of the pachi family, and his reign has been one of conquest and expansion, he was now full of years.  His eldest son Arapachi was in prime position to make executive decisions regarding the expansion of civilization.  There was, from the perspective of the royal family of the Pachi, a chance to advance the empire and enter into a society of peace.

Sacrifices to the gods were becoming monotonous, and speculation that paying tribute to these mysterious figures of the dark world was a cost too great.  Contemplation among the spiritual leaders and the royal family had led to a possible new way of interacting with the spiritual realm.

“And you say that, rather than just being a dark realm, where vengeful gods must be appeased, there is another realm, where a supreme God reigns superior to all others?”  Arapachi stood in a state of stark skepticism.  He had long been taught that the gods must always be appeased, or they would wipe out the land.  “That is what the alien has spoken to us.  The spiritual council has gathered already three time to discuss the matter, and most are unconvinced that this is a wise course of action.”  “And what do you think?”  Imerapachi had the special gift of being highly objective, but when his personal opinion, he wasn’t cautious of his dialogue.  “I think there must be something better then our present approach.  The death of our convicts, while being worthy of the sentence, should not be the basis of our society’s prosperity.  I do indeed lean towards an existence of a light realm, with a supreme deity.”  Arapachi stared with an unaffected impression on his face.  “Thank you Imerapachi.  We await the council’s update at the next ceremony.”

In the far north, out of the awareness of the Inca, the Nahua allegiance was considering their arsenal in preparation of an allied conquest to vanquish the neighboring regions.

“Are the warriors set to head out for the South.”  “Yes King.  Our force will unite with Azcapotzalco, and then head further south. “We will take stock of their forces, and break apart any organized structure.”

As Arapachi, Meripachi, and the rest of the royal family assembled in the city center for the ceremonial gathering, the spiritual leaders in their sacrificial dress stood before the vast populace of Cuzco.  The surroundings were that of legends.  Hillsides will little red with the mining and refining of Gold ore, and several ornate edifices were constructed with gold ornaments, and in some circumstances, shimmering refined gold.  It was sunrise, as was the tradition, so as to offer the gods sacrifice with first light.

“Greetings people of Quechua Qusqu!  There has been no little amount of discussion on the of appeasement of the gods.”  As Imerapachi said this, he dropped a decibel in volume, both out of tradition, and respect of the people’s long-held superstition.  And as he spoke, a solemn and reverent whisper echoed speedily through the audience.

The council has received a message from a visiting alien.  He was very persuasive, and made mention of another god that may be worshiped.  But this God is not like the other gods.  He does not require our worship, nor will he wreck havoc on our way of life if we fail to please Him.

But, as the foreigner has spoken, this God will guide us and protect us.  He will bring us peace we have never known, and all He asks is that we cease the worship of all other gods.”  This met with loud and indignant retorting of men, and cries of despair out of fear of the gods.  “The council has discussed this greatly, and we are prepared to make the great transition to this supreme God.  Our first ceremony since this decision will be today, and it is asked that we accept this supreme God with joy and great celebration without death.”

One of the elders stepped forward and skeptically glared at Imerapachi, and commenced in a prayer to this great God.

“Oh great Viracocha, we cry out to you as creatures of your creation.  We confess our evil deeds to you, and ask for your grand redemption.  We are sorry great Father of heaven.  Will you accept us as we are?  We wish to return to a loving covenant with you, but we ask that you protect us from the other gods and their wrath.  Please now treat us justly, and if you permit, show us a small measure of peace.”

The people reverently arose from their low, bowed position.  Many looked up, and a warming sun was complemented with a short, soothing mist.  A feast had been prepared, and the Kingdom of Cuzco gathered around the feast.  While few were in stark rebellion of this brass disobedience of the gods, other were in a mild fear of what might come.  But half of the Kingdom embraced the transition, grateful to not have to witness the great spilling of blood.

Meanwhile, to the north, Civil wars were reshaping regional boundaries, ethnic relationships, and the Nashua’s warrior moral was steering growing.  Nahua was advancing out of the fear of their brutality.  Their city-states were holding together enough to continue the conquest, but with such different beliefs, goals and lusts, allegiance wouldn’t last beyond the acquisition of the northern regions of the great southern island.  It was a wonder if the onslaught would make it as far as the Nahua warlords had described.

The kingdom of Cuzco experienced some mild tremors as a result of rejecting all the other gods, but there was an overall sense of release.  People went back to their daily activities, and the royal family to the royal house.  Later, the sun god Inti, challenged this new monotheistic allegiance to Viracocha.  There were rumors the people seeing visions of some of the stones begin to walk and forbid the exclusive worship of Viracocha.  Others, who may have been snuffing the traditional yupo, or drinking ayahuasca, encountered more several visions and visitations in the heavy vegetation on the outskirts of the city.  It would seem that the peace promised was being threatened, and the easy solution would be to return to the worship of Inti and the other gods for their rays of light.

Nashua packs were making their way aggressively south to make war with the organized people to their south.  They had easily overtaken the Mayan people, as their aggressive fear tactics were a powerful persuasion.

“We will sleep here tonight, and ask the gods in the morning for speed in travel to reach our enemies in battle in the morning.”  One of the Nashua war packs communicated to a nearby pack leader.

“The warriors are hungry.  We will hunt tonight.”  The pack leader simply looks at the other chieftain.

“What is it to us what you do?” He murmured, with a mixed look of disinterest and disdain.

It was at Nariocanco, where the upper class and Arapanchi himself met to discuss the matter originally, that the greatest disturbances took place.  During the meeting among the elders, several points of theological depth were discussed.  They came to the conclusion that the since all-but-forgotten god Viracocha had not merely been one of the gods, but the creator God of all other things.  Their cherished sun god Inti, for which shrines were built, gold was smelt, ceremonies commemorated, and sacrifices committed was simply a creation of this evidently great Viracocha.  It had become all too real for Arapanchi that Viracocha was worthy of all worship!

As Arapanchi stood among the high walls of Nariocanco, a semi-familiar feeling of dread descended in the atmosphere, and it wasn’t the previously-pleasant experience he had known from the worship of the sun god.  He heard and felt whispers of angst, aggression, and deception pressing in on him, to such an extent that he felt intoxicated.  He wanted to run, but he could remember the right direction, and he simply collapsed to the ground.

“Viracocha, Creator of all, please protect me from evil, and bring peace!”

There was a turbulence in the air, vibrations of rebellion and dissent.  He felt compelled to repeat his request to the great Viracocha.  He also felt driven to call out the emotions he felt by name.

“In the name of the great Viracocha, Rebellion must leave!  Aggression must leave in the name of Viracocha, and deception, LEAVE IN THE NAME OF OUR GREAT CREATOR VIRACOCHA!”

There was a whirlwind of activity, a thick spiral of black moving backwards towards the high cliff of the Andean mountains.  It crested the wall, and then dropped over the edge with a menacing shriek of violent defeat.  Arapanchi was dazed for a time.  He made it to his feet, and as he did, it was clear that a new power was over the atmosphere.  He felt a new kind of peace.  He turned and returned to the royal house with a sense of governance from the heavens.

Nashua packs descended down through the narrow bridge of land that separated the great islands.  They tore through the indigenous villages, breaking any signs of relationship or diplomatic allegiance.  They were nearly at the gates of the Incan empire!

Arapachi walked slowly and methodically through the village region, observing the people.  As a result of the change of worship for Indi (creation), to Viracocha (Creator), there was a new interest in trade and commerce.  The Incans had been a purely socialistic society, and only the royal family and the high class had any kind of wealth, or even property.  But now Arapachi watched people, engaging in oral negotiations, vying for a mutually good deal.  People were appearing to show signs of industry.  It was evident that putting Viracocha in His proper place changed a great many other elements of the people.  Arapachi smiled as he crested the final step into his royal house.

Nashua packs were showing signs of mild sleep deprivation.  Thier pack leaders were anxious to get to the greatest areas of concentration of allegiance, in order to dispel any future struggles.  The packs (when they all arrived), would be some 200,000 strong, and they came with arrowhead spears.  They entered the outer regions of the Incan empire, passing through smaller villages who showed no signs of resistance.  “There need be no violence here if there is none given”, one of the pack leaders said in-stride as three packs pushed through the village.

The Nashua hit Cusco, the capital.  They met the guards in semi-guerrilla warfare tactics.  But hid in the bushes, and caught them off guard.  They made their way through the gate, and then warriors nearby saw the invasion, and quickly ran the message back to the royal house.

“And they had hate in their eyes?”  Arapachi asked the runner?

“Yes King.”  Then we must try to arrive at an agreement before we do battle.

Arapachi sent the runner, and two of the spiritual leaders with him holding a symbol of negotiation: Gold.  Incans had a substantial amount of it, as it was a symbol of their former god Inti, and thus they had mined and smelt it for religious ceremony, now it was just aesthetics.  When the spiritual leaders and two armed warriors neared the advanced Nashua forces, they uncovered the gold edifice.  The forces appeared unaffected.

“We want to evade a war.  What will it take for your tribes and ours to negotiate peace?”,

one of the warriors in front said in a diplomatic tone.

“We would have no resistance from you.  Our tribes up north are struggling to develop a strong society, and any measure of progress has only come through conquest.  We will dismantle any allegiance here that wants to expand an empire north.”

The subordinate warriors seemed nearly non-coherent with the message conveyed by the the leader.  But the tone they perceived to be that of evading battle, and that brought disagreement to their faces.  The goal of the Nashua tribes had not been war for war’s sake, but to cultivate an eventually-viable society.  And the reputation of the Incan empire was certainly one not to be taken without reservations.  The Incan warriors (once rallied) could meet the Nashua in battle, and the bloodshed would be immense.

“As a token of our respect for the prosperity of your society, please accept our gift.”

“The priests moved forward and transferred the edifice into the lustful eyes of two Nashua warriors at signal of their pack leader.”

The pack leaders seemed appeased by the diplomatic proposal and covenant of uninterrupted expansion and alliance.  But then one of the warriors seemed to go AWOL and attack and kill the other diplomatic warrior.  This started a chain reaction among the other warriors.  The Incan warriors emerged from their hiding places to meet the aggressors in full battle array.  The priests found shelter from the onslaught.  The pack leaders reached those who had blood lust and attempted to still their rage.  When that didn’t work, several pack leaders began cutting down their own warriors in order to return with more than a desolate path of carnage.  When all the dust had settled, 50 men had been slain.

* * *

Arapachi had a couple of the sane pack leaders escorted to the royal house steps and given them written pictographic treaty terms for their return trip.

“When your empire shows signs of confusion, we have a special revelation to reveal to you, when you are ready.  As for now, return home in peace, and remember that our great God Viracocha has helped us today avert a great loss.  May Viracocha bring you peaceful travels.


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