Journalistic Inspiration


This day in age, physical newspapers are taking a backseat to digital methods of informational updating. But what hasn’t lost any steam is the interest in updates. Media is powerful, and by it’s coverage, people are greatly influenced.

The media industry has long been regarded as the spokesperson of the times. Through this department, people are efficiently informed of events in virtually all spheres of society. This leads to the question of the vital importance of the media in a morally-shifting world. Where news used to be the events that everyone was privy to, today news articles are professionally catering to the whims of those paying the subscription prices. Information becomes a compilation of the wants and needs of the readers. Instead of being objectively-obtained news of events in a community, articles written from large brand name syndicates. Articles are meticulously scrutinized for a veritable lack of errors. But where the grammar is bar-none, the inspirational level of the content has dropped from it’s once high mark.

Media has the holds the reigns and position to inspire. It has a power to reach well beyond the official, subscribed readership. But like anything, risks will need to be taken, and articles may lack the surreal, professional luster in favor of heartfelt penetration. Newspaper can encourage villages to nations. Each city has the potential for a great media publication, not to mention every family, church, and business. Event updates should be cherished just as ceremonial traditions should be preserved. It develops anticipation, and links people with the details of events outside of their reach in the atmosphere of their leisure.

Here are several points that media can and should be altered for an improved society:

  • Restrict articles to events and relevant content of the immediate community
  • Reserve space for events and updates that inspire, uplift, and encourage the readership.
  • Promote competition in the reading populous, to directly illuminate those of the reading populous.
  • Identify positive possible changes in each of the spheres of the local society: Family, Church, Business, Education, Media, Entertainment, and Civil Government

The final bullet is often missed by many media conglomerates due to a lack of interest in the readership. Often, the categories listed by media heads are: Politics, Business, Technology, Sports, Humanities etc. Loosely translated, these can be sub headers of the spheres of society. However, technology usually is very exclusive to new-and-upcoming gadgets. It ends up largely lacking any kind of moral depth whatsoever. Politics ends up being less about policy, and more about party banter. The Sports section represents a multi-billion dollar enterprise, etc, etc.

The paper should be helping preserve what is good about society, as well as commenting on developments of content that is worthwhile and meaningful to our posterity.

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