Ministry Update

Discipling Through EducationWe are half way through the 2nd quarter, and picture day is here!  Students will come Monday prepared to have their complexions captured for framed memories years to come!  We also are looking forward to an annual Veterans Day assembly.  Our school proudly supports those who have serve in any of the 5 branches of the US Military, and distinctly recognize what they were fighting to protect.  5th takes the admonishing of the Army branch.

Up till now, students have shown me that they are very capable – when they want to be.  We proudly teach self-government principles at CHS, meaning that government should happen internally before it happens externally.  More then anything else, I am excited to see the character of these young men and women develop as they interact in and out of the classroom each day.

My subjects in 5th grade are:

Spelling “The Substance of Language”

By fifth grade, students know the phonograms, their sounds, and the rules that govern them.  My goal is to direct their attention to perceiving those phonograms and their governing rules occurring in words.

Grammar “The Structure of Language”

Grammar furthers ongoing instruction on the structure of English communication.  This class is right after spelling, and I attempt to “pull back” the magnifying glass to see the words used in sentences.

Science “Observation and Experimentation in God’s Creation”

Science is both observation (Lecture), and Experimentation (Lab), and so both happen each week.  The trick is to inspire students to be excited about science, and also acknowledge God as Creator of all of it.

In 4th Grade:

Bible “God’s Story with Man”

The Bible is a collection of stories that each reflect God’s character.  And His character remains consistently the same: He wants relationship with us.  His promises are true, and yet people reject Him.


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