Triune Brilliance

Triune_brilliance_finalGod exists in a state of unimaginably-close plurality. To speak of the Judeo-Christian God is to speak of a community of persons. A perfect union of intimacy

It is marvelously remarkable to consider the simplicity of the very first geometric figure – the trinity of God. While simple in one sense, there is always paths to travel down to a more in-depth perspective when it comes to God.

Picture it:

Before matter or forces existed, God commune together in brilliant and complexly intimate fellowship. They shared thoughts, emotions, activity at a level mere men can only speculate of. They occupied this state for simply and indefinite period of time. Sharing, witnessing, and experiencing the wonder of each others company. The scene could only really be expounded upon in an endeavor of grand hypothesis. It was this very scene that led to the later explosive point of the creation of the universe. But that is outside the context of this exploratory adventure of contemplation.

The triangle. It has long been heralded as the perfect geometric shape. It can be reciprocated with perfected symmetry from it’s center in three directions. It has three vertices and three angles, each of which equal a sum of 180 degrees – a straight line.

Suffice it to say, this is a picture of ultimate symmetry and precision. If a immersive picture of God were to be imaginatively framed, it would include 3 elements. But not just elements mathematical vertices, but relational individuals. It is picture of the origins of our universe that goes far deeper into what existence actually is. Of course, the picture is obviously blurred by an inevitably bright fury light. It is the something that makes the 2 million degree core of the sun to a tremendous shame.

What a picture to behold. The consideration of time space would wrought in the pure light of perhaps eons, or mere nano seconds of beautiful and extravagant relationship. It is a superb relational picture as well. It is something no human will ever be able to appreciate in all of it’s spacious elegance. Where a covenant marriage relationship here on earth is a finite picture of what was shared from infinity. Imagine, if you will, two faces with nothing but joy, nothing but life, but expectation, excitement, and love staring back at you with sincerity and a tad bit of playful humor. Partner this together with eons of deeply shared emotions to build an elaborate shared network of memories that are cherished and dear. Beyond this further, imagine a perfect telepathic and telekinetic interactivity. Here is merely a raw, feeble framework of the composition of God’s brilliant community of benevolent joyful intimacy. Rules of traditional boundaries, of stress, of moral filters, or even physical boundaries would be non-existent.

From this, our universe was composed. From this, matter, energy, and love were brought forth. God had given birth to a legacy. What a precious moment to share together with the trinity! What a tremendous adventure to watch it those kindly given His image to grow and mature – to take on the responsibilities of stewarding the matter of creation – the potent, and the sublime.

From the perspective of God, this would be a moment of rapt divine celebration. It would mark the moment in which His existence to be shared with others who would be able to fathom a mere piece of His joy! What a treasure indeed!

Here is a sample of the adventure of the Kingdom of God. This is the soil we were meant to germinate in – to model after, and to preserve on this remarkable planetary sphere. It was a plan of relationship – and that it remains…


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