Dependable Character Laws

Dependable Character Laws PictureA couple of years ago, I had first learned of the terms “phenomenal” and “noumenal”. It was the difference between what science could physically, empirically measure through the 5 senses. Many things are clearly following recognized patterns, and many more still following theoretical, hypothesized patterns.

But there is another set of laws in the universe that are consistent, that are measurable, and dependable. They are the laws of God’s character. They are measured not with numerical increments, barometers, or Geiger counters. They are measured through the age-old concept of trust. In a language context, this is an abstract noun. Trust is as real and as exact as any concrete noun, it just isn’t physical matter. But in addition to matter in the universe, there is also energy, so saith Einstein’s E=MC2.

There is a law present in God’s character that allows man to influence God to act. It is the law of sacrifice. Present throughout the Old Testament, and distinctly paramount in the New, It is an essential hallmark of the Judeo-Christian Bible. God is moved by hearts in desperation. As a God of love, He will reciprocate love back to those who love Him.

This is most peculiar, as such are more social laws then scientific, however, scientific laws have much the same parameters that God’s character does. They are measurable, they are specific, they are more-or-less consistent. God being the preeminent element in existence, there are things about Him and His actions that cannot be predicted with perfect accuracy. But what can be depended upon is His loving character. And from this, a consistent act to restore those stuck in the trenches of wickedness.

Just as we can just gravity to pull objects down, for certain objects to change states at certain temperatures, and for molecular activity to slow down at decreasing temperatures, we can trust God to act in love.

There appears to be suspicions in Scripture of contradictions God has made to His love character. However, upon further investigation, His long-term desire is to restore the individual out of the evil choices they have made, meaning in some exceptional cases, actually killing them. Further speculation would suggest that this is worse, since they would be subjected to unceasing torment and agony. But God’s heart is not to destroy, to dismantle, or to cause confusion. Is hell eternal? This is a question to which another post would better contemplate. But one thing is for sure. God is a God of love, and upon this we can predict, reason, we can trust, and we can lean.


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