Encountering Life Mysteries

I had once thought I had discovered astonishing new concept; I didn’t have a name for it yet, but I just knew it would be revolutionary.  It had to do with words that could be separated by their sounds.  And, as I recall, I thought to myself in the guest room of my grandparents house, “How come no one has discovered this before?”. Many other things have occurred to me over the years, some left unanswered.  It is really an endless journey of “Why do they do it that way?”. Some things now I look back on and the magic of its mechanism is lost in the logistics of on-the-job labor.  Other things remain wondrously mysterious.  Some things I actually would prefer to leave a mystery, because it leaves something else to ponder on later.  I guess there never ceases to be situations that are devoid of some mystery, since one person can only see so much in proportion to his time spend with it, and the understanding of the inner-workings.  But some things are not charted out and mapped.  Some things are intrinsically contained inside my own head.  But if I am not careful, this can be a primary source of amusement, and just let the different informational deposits and influences continuously stir the waters.  And If I were to ever find said waters stale – I’d always be able to find some contemplative thing to satisfy my further imaginative curiosity.  But this is a self-depreciating Pandora’s box!  For one, it does not lead to any real learning, since the majority of the time, there is more stirring than picking and even then, it’s still effortlessly picking rather than laboriously foraging.  It is a subtle decay, taking no less the several decades to detect.  But it may rear its head in an enlarging nievity, such that staying in touch with a changing world, close relationships, and day-to-day projects begin to lose the priority they would otherwise have. Its a kind of ecstasy when leaned on too much, this ravenous curiosity that keeps me smiling and carrying me along on my merry way.


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