Focusing On Roots?

What should really be in focus?
What should really be in focus?

For Christians, as well as most theists, deities are at (or around) the core of life.  The Creator is attributed with the presently-existing universe.  Of course, most Christians see God as a lot more involved than that.  They see see Him as actively involved.  Some see it as Him providentially orchestrating individuals and nations.  And others see God setting up stable systems in the backgrounds. My point is, maybe focusing on religion is overkill for some.  For some, it’s Gods’ call, but for others, God has a more logistical position.  When setting up a concert, only the performers are primarily on stage.  Sometimes there’s an MC, and there may be a special effects crew, and maybe a breakdown crew as well. Bit those actually stepping into the limelight is relatively few.  Its a special calling to give a transforming message for a large audience.  Why is the focus on the very roots of the beauty of life?  A flower has a root system, which is vital for its existence.  And at one point, the whole plant is contained in a tight little seedling.  But the beauty of the flower is not found at its underlying foundation, but at its zenith. Maybe our focus as sons and daughters of God shouldn’t be holding to conservative methods of worship, of evangelism, and developing applications Bible study curriculum.  Even so, some will remain called to these preserved traditions.  But maybe God wants many of His children to enter into a grand adventure in this life individually customized for each of us.

He’s got several wired to create extravagant musical accompaniment for an inspiring film.  Or maybe it is to write for an influential newspaper, or speak objectively and enthusiastically as news anchor.  Maybe He is calling some to life a literal life of action – base jumping, bmx, deep sea diving etc. as a means to inspire others of what God intended.

Gods’ plans are BIG and LOUD, but that may look different depending on the individual. He knows where He is calling people, they won’t collide. But maybe Gods’ real calling isn’t far from your deepest dream and ambition.

A life of freedom is not likely found inside the four walls of a religious institution.  And it also maybe not be behind the workbench.  It may not be standing in front of a white board behind a podium, but it may be. It should involve something we are at least relatively good at. But it should never get “boring”. What God will offer is relationship throughout life; He won’t always give “yes’ ” to our every request. He didn’t promise an easy trail through life.  But He will reliably offer His ear whenever we want to talk.

Yes, Gods’ voice will be heard in the quiet, but His heart, I reckon’ is in the adventure


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