Imaginative Infinite Potential of God

Imaginative Potential of God_Wordcloud
A window into the perceived imagination of God…

The first perspective is what is presently available in the information known to man. Intellectual discoveries and observations.
Records of historical figures and their progressively innovative ideas. This is the perspective how life is today, without any potential for progress or advancement. It is everything we have so far, but there is no room to advance or imagine. It is the ultra-conservative view. The second perspective is the imaginative perspective of man.

It is the idealistic worldview that drives inventors and entrepreneurs into the future into areas that were not possible before. Using presently known concepts, formulas, and experience, man can create new concoctions from what already is. But the limit is the presently available knowledge of man. It is debatable if this knowledge could actually be stored by man in any achievable way, since much of it is experience, and theoretical ideas perhaps yet unshared.

The third perspective reaches out beyond man. It is The Creators knowledge of all of His creation. All the mentally stored blueprints, genetic structures, and moral framework that is presently existing is available, including what man has done with all of it. It is a massive extent of knowledge, and this grouping of knowledge cannot be stored by man in any way, especially since it would include information not ready to be revealed to man.

The forth includes some very theoretical theology to even consider. This final perspective would actually include knowledge of what is uncreated by God. Prior to God’s creating the universe, He spoke it into existence, so It would have been an idea before a created reality. The very ideas of God, and the potentials that have yet to be determined by mans’ choices would all fit into this group, but it would include all of the previous groups, because Gods imagination would include created things as well as uncreated things. So while man has a creative imagination, it is vastly limited in potential when compared to Gods. In fact, I highly doubt that it has any kind of proportional comparison.

The reality is that God exists infinitely, without any understandable beginning or end. He exists infinitely, whether He is believed to be inside or outside of time. So His present knowledge would include a mental record of His infinite past relational existence with the three persons of the triune Godhead. This alone already makes the third perspective of knowledge infinite. But the forth perspective includes all of this, as well as the *nearly* infinite potential decisions and outcomes of mankind (personal and corporate), as well as the infinite number of decisions and outcomes of God (personal and Triune). But it would also have to include the near infinite possible outcomes of physical matter and physical and non-physical laws (physical and moral).

The fact is (if certainty can be claimed given the present discourse content), Entering into even our *own* imaginative potential reaches far beyond our capacity to store all knowledge. But moving into knowledge of God is of such great exponential increase in knowledge capacity that it makes one appreciate the amount of knowledge available already… But if God created us from an idea in the beginning, then newly-imagined fabrications from the mind of God can become a part of reality in His mere speaking of a word. But if God’s original intent for mankind was relationship, and co-creating with Him, then perhaps His revelations are the inspiring ideas that power our own imagination, enough if not everyone is presently in relationship with God, man sees Gods’ handiwork and is able to discover new connections with other parts of Gods’ creation, and new innovation and technology enters our understanding. Thus, Gods’ bringing new unique creations into existence probably hasn’t needed to happen for several millennia, since there was enough potential in *mans’ own* imagination to keep development and discovery happening far into the future. But the question now arises, has God already created all that He was ever going to create, or will there be more creations that will be brought into existence from His very imagination? What if what we presently understand as “other dimensions”, and “alternate realities” is really already theorized by God, but not yet a reality because man hasn’t actually chosen it yet? How much more do we know we don’t know, and how much more out there is there that we don’t know we don’t know – if you know what I mean….


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