God: The Unseen Source

Beneath the surface
Beneath the surface

When a flower grows, a building is constructed, or curriculum is developed – some is present at the core.  For the flower, its a seed, and that seed grows up out of the ground, but half of the plant (a vital half) is unseen under the ground.  

The roots are the conduit of various nutrients, minerals, and water. For a building to be constructed with a lasting presence, it needs to have a foundation.  But as the construction continues and nears completion, the foundation is unseen. The structure on the surface that is the focus couldn’t survive without its foundation.  In the case of educational curriculum, the content is based on some basic philosophical models, and inspiration inadvertently pervades to the surface.

What if God is present at the unseen level in every aspect of life?

Mindsets we have adopted are based on some accepted bar of truth.

Much of where business models come from are ideas. Life begins at the unseen molecular level. For the chemist, it is clear everything is made of smaller unseen elements. Physicists understand that many facts affect matter that is unseen to the unfiltered eye, or unheard to the unenhanced ear.In language studies, etymologists know words are made of phonograms and rules that govern them. They know that sentences and paragraphs are composed of individual words.

Perhaps God can be effectively influence without being obviously visible on the surface.  Maybe God can breath life through the conduit of our relationship bridge.  The resulting message will have a subtle ambiance of life, purity, hope, and freedom. The message will have the appearance of relevance to a modern culture, but the core of the message will be lit by the presence of The Creator, a heart message to people connect with and relate to.  For a God whose character is relationship driven, this seems very like how He would reach those who would reject surface messages of traditional evangelical presentations of the gospel.

I see so many powerful mediums of presentation that God can use that are subtle.  I see major motion epics like William Wallace in “Brave heart”, or Samwise’ preserving to advise Frodo in what is the best path in “Lord of The Rings”.

God isn’t intimidated with reaching some in new ways – His goal is to pull them out of tyranny, to restore them to life, develop a relationship with them that is unique among every other relationship God has with man.

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