Expected Identification

"Adult Male ART T" by TalkAbout 'Tete MV' - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Adult_Male_ART_T.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Adult_Male_ART_T.JPG
“Adult Male ART T” by TalkAbout ‘Tete MV’ – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Adult_Male_ART_T.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Adult_Male_ART_T.JPG













Our society has, for any number of reasons, tended to assimilate, rather then innovate. People tend to find indentification in a pre-set category, rather then originating their own.

Personal Familiarity

I can relate with this. It is always tempting to see myself inside (or outside) a personal, and detailed explaination. It’s like an outside perspective of how I am wired, and clues other’s in to who I actually am. “Well, I didn’t know he was wired that way”. But the truth is, there is no limit to the possible “wiring configurations” of a person. If man indeed is in control of his beliefs and actions, his lifestyle can be a perpetual state of growth and expansion, with little or perhaps virtually no observable patterns. Failure isn’t supposed to be measured by how well a person assimilates into the predetermined categories, but how little activity is actually done. Failure could also be defined as a lack of growth. Isn’t not falling, it’s not getting up.

Predictable Categories

There is even a science to finding the categories that all people supposedly fall into. But this science (like all science) has the unfortunate flaw of always finding new, unprecedented data! Because it is studying human beings! But one well-known test attempts to identify people into sixteen different convenient Abreviations. Upon completion of this test, it is my assessment that people begin to act and react to situations as their test result suggests they typically would. Of course, there certainly are some similaries in personalities, but perhaps even those common similarities are due to the similar geography, economic status, societal structure, and ethic boundary. So is it possible to cap the limit of the potential of a personality only in the actual physiological and chemical makeup of a person? And are there influences in life that lead us into self-limitation?

Subconscious Framework

It is facinating to me to percieve things that we learn in one season and then move on, neglecting to make a full acknowledgement of what was placed in our mental pathways. Beliefs are seeming shaped by the path of least resistence. They exist in a very pure and sensitive place inside of us, and reshaping them requires penetrating several layers of cognitive support and backing, and/or fences and defense systems. Ofcourse, justification has it’s place, and finding the science behind something is good grounds to believing in something. But when all the intellectual articulation is bypassed, beliefs are the powercores of our actions, and it stands to reason that we often act out of instinct or “trust our gut” in certain instances. Our subconscious knows what our core, and raw beliefs are. Our outer mental activity usually prioritizes things that align with our deepest beliefs.


It is a mystery why people are migrating into cities faster then ever before, until it is understood that people actually feel a connection with others more then they do with the wilderness, and wild beasts that roam it. Despite this migration process however, homicides and other horrific events continue to occur in great numbers. So externally, the data suggests people like being closer together, and this is more true then the result of the data including those inflicting harm on others – but internally, we are proportionally further then we ever were before. It has produced a situation easily-requested restraining orders, where the national government stands between two individuals, as if to mock the intelligence of the individual requesting. In an effort to achieve a comfortable life, we subscribe to uncomfortable services and extensions dispite a world of freedom.

Live Relentlessly

There was a quote I picked up a while back that I have never let go of, though I doubt I have ever even written it down: “Be yourself, and let others deal with the implications”. It’s a license to cut the lock from your gate, and be your own body guard. To impose your own regulations on what is and isn’t allowed in your life. If we can’t live life to it’s fullest, who will live it for us?

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