Peripheral Studies

Can subjects be studied at a surface level to give a larger perspective of reality?  Can this be the deductive method of learning as compared to inductive?

Complexity of life
Life in western society has become increasingly complex as technology has advanced. It has enabled us to explore what is beyond our physical senses. Our universal language of computation and measurement (numbers) has systematically organized observation and advancement. But there is a limit to our dependence on math. It is like the difference between vectors and scalars. A vector is a speed with a direction also specified. But a scalar is simply a speed. Logic is simply a measurement of the consistency of a thing. It doesn’t test the morality of the direction or the goal intended.

Morality Roots
Morality is intrinsically connected with the subject of religion, and more specifically, theology. The undertones of the study of a subject find very real connections to other subjects with little bit of cognitive curiosity.  Morality, ethics, theology, and certain branches of philosophy are very close together.  It is important to distinguish different subjects.  But being able to see certain connections allows for the awareness of building neural pathways based on known concepts.  Morality is clearly a much deeper subject then, say a logistical subject like civil engineering.  It is by no means more important, but it definitely activates a different part of the brain, and takes a very different perspective on the concrete, and re bar used.

Heritage of History
History is an open book of the narrative of individuals who have gone before us and shape what our life is today. History looks at records of the past, so the study of literature is significant. Understanding language allows for a more complete interpretation of what was written. In order to understand the writing of those from a different time or culture, cultural studies becomes essential.  Sociology and psychology are the attempts at understanding society at large, and the human mind in particular.  If these subjects were not developed, our understanding of our ability to understand would itself be limited.  Thus, these subjects are helpful in giving insight that helps to supplement the advancement in other areas.

Tech Factor
Of course, as time has progressed, written records have progressed from papyrus materials, to flattened animal skins, to flattened tree pulp. But it has progressed even to the point of digital mediums, that are never actually printed at all. This opens up the focus of writers to learn typing skills, and factories to create new devices that will produce digital records. With enough advancement in the form of digital media, a network of interaction could be developed: the Internet.  Having been created originally by the military, the internet was created as a means to communicate without the risk of breaks in communication.  But then the civilian market began capitalize on this new digital medium, and it has now become a whole new world, where the physical servers and equipment are little known in comparison to the services they provide.

Economic Relations
With information being shared so quickly and easily, new levels of trade and marketing can be produced, and incorporate unique technologies that require very specific types of functions. Economics means interactions with different companies in symbiotic business partnerships. Relational and inspirational models are sought to give employees at a company the incentive to keep working a feel a sense of involvement in a larger endeavor. Relationships are considered superficially internal if they are not continued or maintained outside and business partnership.  Economics are largely connected with civil government and national boarders. The U.S. military has been called the worlds largest corporation, and some of the largest purchases are in the prospect of war.  Wars are the officially declared by the nations Executive and/or Legislative branches of power.

Connective Knowledge

Information in one area that is not deep and exhaustive is virtually worthless in a formal atmosphere unless in can connect with other areas in order to give one a larger perspective on the world and the physiology of reality.  If more individuals could have intuitively connected perspectives like this, perhaps more vision could be developed for businesses to be created, for new discoveries to be pursued, and new projects to be started.  A more broad perspective on life should not be held by everyone, because then there would be no logistical development that could happen, but if a few had wide-view perspectives like this, maybe some wise directions could happen, or avoid disasters.


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