Kinetic Glory

Brooklyn_Museum_-_The_Transfiguration_(La_transfiguration)_-_James_Tissot_-_overallEnergetic Matter is said to be “alive”, and slow non-energetic matter is said to be “dead”. Based on John 1:1-3, ‘The Word’ (Logos) is the essence of all things.

Jesus Stuff

It is ironic, or perhaps even morbid to think about Jesus being the content that all matter is made of. But if we think about it in terms of phases of matter, then its not so outrageous. All matter has a freezing point and a boiling point. All matter can shift phases from at least one state to another. So it makes sense to suggest that “glory”, a term traditionally understood as being a synonym of respect or reverence, would be very kinetic, or very active at a molecular level, it if had molecules. What if it “is” active, but instead of being matter, glory is a relational element, found only in a metaphysical plane. It is present to us at a spiritual level, but not at a physical level, that empirical measuring tools can measure.

Presence of God

Theology has two types of presence that God shows up in. One is relating to His omnipresence, His presence everywhere, simultaneously. It’s such a difficult concept to wrap our minds around, we simply accept it theoretically as it is – God is everywhere. But the other concept is that of God’s special presence or God’s ‘manifest presence’. This has happened a lot less in Scripture. In the Tabernacle, God’s manifest presence is said to have been just above the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies beyond the veil. It is also present anywhere God’s Spirit came down. In many cases in Scripture, God’s Spirit is said to “rest upon” a person. Today, the thick presence of God is anywhere the Holy Spirit is present. So God’s manifest presence is like a more densely-packed manifestation of “God-stuff”, or glory. If Glory is ‘relational energy’, how does it effect us as people, and as sons and daughters of God?  I am tempted to see God’s glory as similar to Fusion that is smart, and self-sustained, but is immensly powerful, and uncontrollable by man.


What happened then with the ultimate manifestation of Jesus on Earth? What WAS Jesus? Scripture says He was fully man and fully God (Colossians 2:9, John 1:1-5, John 10:28-30). So a deeply concerning question to theologians and Christologists is: Was Jesus really fully God while simultaneously fully God? 1 + 1 = 2? Of course, our mathematics does not a do a great job and charting the nature of God, but it is perplexing, until we study Scripture more and discover that He choose to forgo His God-like power and take on the limitations of man, being like him in every way (Hebrews 2:17, and 4:15). This is the significance then of His being baptised by John the Baptist. It was here that He was the first ever human man to be indwelt with the Holy Spirit. Other men have had the Spirit of God rest upon them like a dove, but here the Holy Spirit actually indwells in the person, and shares a place with their spirit.

Relational Atmosphere

When God’s presence is near, or is said to be near, it is like humidy, when water molecules are spread out in the troposphere, or is God’s presence “smart”? Does glory or God-stuff know to collect in places that have invited it (Him)? And when it does inhabit a place, what changes? Nothing on a physical level ofcourse, but there is something that is noticed, If one is willing to embrace it. If God is the creator of the universe, then His presence would be one of the most natural atmospheres to be in. It would invigorate our imagination, it would sooth our tense muscles and stress, it would affirm us at a level deeper then verbal words can, because it is not bound by physical limitations. It can reach us at a spiritual consciousness level. Is it possible this general presence of God is around us all of the time, just in a low measure? What if God manifested Himself in a thick measure often, and we could actually be energized by that spiritual jolt of glorification constantly? What would life look like with a complete absence of God’s glory? I think it has happened a couple of places in history. One: during the days of Noah, where the thoughts of men were only evil continuously (Gen. 6:5) Two: on the Roman cross of Calvary, when the most persevering man in history cried out: “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?” -Jesus (Matt. 27:46). Perhaps such events are rare on purpose, because what if God’s presence is literally what holds life together? And if we were to reach an “absolute zero” of God’s glory, all life would cease?

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