Divine Time


Did time begin with creation, or is time in the wake of the creator?


We have devised some very universal methods of measurement for time, based on the position of the sun in the sky, and fullness of the moon. But if time also exists in space, outside of Earths orbit, those measurements cease to be able to determine the time. Thus it is called “Earth time”. So minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and millenniums are all based on a Gregorian calendar. But our present calendar date is actually about half of the actually recorded time of man. The death of Christ in Rome has separated mankind’s time-line into an A.D. & B.C. But is time limited to man’s record of it? How far does time go back? Is the Earth older then man? Does a hermeneutical study of the Genesis account suggest time could be older then 6,000 years?

Time = Light’s Volocity?

Einstein’s famed theory of reletivity suggests that since nothing with virtually any mass can reach the speed of light, and because time is the 4th dimension of our reality, then approaching this speed actually slows down time. But what if time is not something exists inside our realm dimensional interaction? What if time is not “bendable”, as the concept of time dilation suggests? What if time is simply the on-going progression of events that succeed previous events. What if time has no speed, and accelerating beyond the speed of light will not move us into the past, but will simply move us a large distance? Of course, Einstein relied upon well-established mathematics to suggest this theory, but what if math cannot solve the mystery of time?

Everything Theories

If time does not exist as a dimension at all, then does the attempts at constructing “everything theories” like the “M Theory” and “String Theory” prove pointless? These theories attempt to unite the several levels of light in our universe. There is the material world, where planets and continents, and buildings are in focus, and then there is the cellular world, which is found through the eye-piece of a microscope, and then there is the sub-atomic world, which is where units cease to behave according to traditionally-understood Newtonian physics, which is where the heat of science is happening in Quantum Physics. In order to unite what is happening at all of these different levels, and factoring all of the different dimensions we think there are present in reality, we have to find similarities at every level, and we have to find similarities or progressive overlap in every dimension.

Is Time Fixed?

If the speed of light could be achieved by a slow acceleration, and the speed of light could be exceeded, first off, any one present on that vehicle would be far enough away from civilization to not be able to get back to it to see it any time soon, due to re-acceleration and return. If said “light travelers” could achieve “time dilation”, would they truly be “in the past”, or would they simply be in a future that is different relative to that people, place, and society that had known before. Society would have remained at its current state of progress, its just that the travelers would have taken a long trip at a very fast pace.

Genesis Timeframe

Genesis 1 states the the heavens and the Earth were created in the beginning. Of course, Bible commentators put the authorship on Moses, who would have learned writing, and sciences from his Egyptian upbringing. But It’s clear that we should not take what the Bible says (especially a Hebrew-English translation) as literally scientific. We can take it as accurate in terms of a general perspective of what a general person would suspect of the universe at that time. But this means that human records on Earth bring us to about 6000 years. But the “days” suggested in Genesis may not refer to the same Gregorian days we know today. Additionally, Earth may not be the anatomically well-defined Earth with it’s core, mantle, crust, and atmospheric fields of the troposphere, Stratosphere, Ozone and such. Earth may simply have been understood as the land that was stood upon. Did the ancients know that the Earth was a planet existing inside a solar system that is in a part of a galaxy that was one of perhaps a trillon known in the extravagantly wide universe? No, how could they?! They would have been giving a general survey of events and oral accounts of history that were passed on orally. Of course, the Hebrews are perhaps the best at oral traditions, having presently the old-spoken language among any nation on the Earth today.

Existence of the Universe

Before the creation of the Earth, what was present? It seems to indicate that God created the Earth in approximately the same time as the Earth. But God is in no rush. How long had He been in triune fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit before He had created the physical (or spiritual) universe? Can this time be calculated? If events transpired before the universe existed, does that mean time existed? If God the Father spoke in relationship to the Son, does that suggest a sequence of events, and duration, which is amongst the best objective definitions of time?


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