Applicational Beliefs and Dreams

Beliefs and application are intrinsically attached, for even beliefs not acted on will inadvertently affect actions conversely. But dreams also find their ideal realization in application…

Beliefs Applied

Though beliefs are like the low-level programming that makes the higher-software function, Beliefs find their fulfillment in actions carried out. But even actions that are in contradiction to held beliefs are influenced by them. Actions do not take place without some sort of decision-making process, even it is mere milliseconds in time span. Even actions supposedly the result of pure spontaneously-generated emotions have their origin in some predetermined belief at some previous point, however distanced it may then be.

Misconceptions of Beliefs

This article has very little to do with religious ideology. While much of society attributes beliefs to religion, the reality is beliefs exist in a multitude of places. They are influencers at the bedrock of every major event. Consider an inventor. He has an idea. He approaches a bank for a loan develop his idea. He must hold great trust in his idea to even pass the loan approval process at the bank. Trust and beliefs go hand-in-hand. Beliefs are not going anywhere.

Putting dreams to use

It is wonderful to have dreams, and wonderful vision. But what do they have to do with reality? Well, probably nothing, unless they are acted on. There is a quote I had heard recently, “You will find what you are looking for”. The assumption is, the ends justify the means. The looking is a prerequisite to finding it. This is bad application in science, where evidence needs to be authentic and objectively justified is not found, but is jerry-rigged together and a logically-justified to be the answer to the nagging hypothesis (and the on-going grants).

But what if a dream, starting only as an idea, is combined with real work, time, and patience? What happens? Sometimes, it is a real tragedy, when an individual attempts something, and sees only failure. But often, success is further down the road of patience. Often, entrepreneurs are the ones who rejected failure as an option, and pushed forward with their crazy idea, and made the impossibility a possibility. And then they often end up with little competition in their field, because no one was daring enough to try it.

Beliefs before Dreams

What kind of beliefs need to be present before dreams can be applied with confidence? I would think some “determination”, “patience”, and “hope” beliefs are apart of the recipe. What happens if an inventor plunges into something without any of these preemptive beliefs? If he haphazardly applied for a loan, and then gave up when things didn’t turn out quite as planned? He would not only be in debt – he would have to deal with guilt, and maybe some shame from family members who trusted him to know what he was doing.

Connecting to Reality

Before a house is built, before a car drives out of the factory, and before a smart phone is first turned on, it had instructions, perimeters for it’s fabrication. There were plans in place that were nothing but words, numbers, and charts on paper or screen. But those plans were realized in the eventual product. And those plans took on new life that make them quite valuable for revisions and review.


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