Quantum Relational God

big-bang-458648_1280How does science stand up to defining all that exists when contrasted with the discovery of sub molecular quantum physics?

Empirical science has offered some unparalleled answers to many of life’s mysteries. But around the 1920’s, some new discoveries began to shake our supposedly confident comprehension of the universe. Quantum physics suggests that things, while very certain and solid on a macroscopic level, are actually quite uncertain at a microscopic level. It suggests that thousands of years of definitive physics are now be proved false, at least at theoretically minute levels. It suggests that what we think we know about the way the world functions is still very much a mystery to us. And mathematics is trying to stay afloat amidst the scientifically defined answer to difficult questions.

But quantum physics is a whole lot more then a super powerful apologetics conduit – it unites God with His creation in ways that science cannot predict. It allows for things like ghosts, goblins, the Burmuda Triangle, Alien abductions, and other supposedly fictitious anomalies to exist. And it lines up with Scripture. John 1 says that “All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.” John 1:3 It allows God to be the creator, and allows for certainty to be deeply embedded in the deepest fabric of the universe. Without God, science falls apart with the true consideration of the quantum theory. But with a presupposition of God, there is certainty that we know by faith, that stretches past what we can see in our 4 dimensional perspective.

But if looking deeper into the makeup of matter reveals more mysteries, what about looking deeper into ourselves? Why is it that the mind of men, which has been with us since we were us, has not be decoded yet? Why is it that we do not know why dreams take place, or why people do the things they do. Of course, there is speculation, probability, and prediction, but these of course, can be miscalculated. They can be wrong, and even with more statistical case study data, it still doesn’t close the gap that one person with free will can contradict a thousand case studies confirming what a person will do in any given situation. It’s just wise not to predict the decision of man. Rather, trust found in relationship shows much better promise, and leaves much more lasting results.

What if the real objects of study are less concrete (as quantum physics seems to have shown), and rather abstract concepts like trust, and faith, and love have more treasure to offer us. What if what is found in the confines of relationship will reveal more about who we are as mankind, and also reveal more about who (or what) our Creator is. The subjects of theology and quantum physics have found a mutually beneficial bridge that is linked to more then just verifiable data – its our design to pursue the results.


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