Subconscience Belief Results

man-69283_1280Are actions the result of beliefs that are mentally registered and self-projected, or are they the result of subconsciously-chosen beliefs?


If actions are evidenced by actions that follow, then it is clear that actions indicate beliefs held. But what if an individual chooses to mentally believe in something that does not show up in his actions?  Are beliefs consciously chosen, are they only known to the individual by the actions of his will?  It is a very layered a complex discussion, yet one that should be concluded, since beliefs are at the very least influencers in our lives.


If actions are the result of beliefs, then what happens if they do not align with presently-held beliefs? Certainly, there can be deviations from held beliefs, but if there are more deviations that consistent actions, that it seems to indicate a different set of beliefs. Actions are a result of the will, where then does the will get its decision-making material? If believes can be deviated from, what other foundations can the will work from? Can secondary beliefs be acquiesced? If secondary beliefs can be held in a place deeper then openly stated beliefs, can they go covert inside the recesses of our minds?

Sub conscience

This is certainly a subject that Sigmund Freud put a lot of time and effort into. Many reject his claims due to the prospect of the spontaneous nature of decision-making. But the concept of muscle memory is in the same category of discussion. The process of memorization, and on-the-job-training proposes that sub conscience wiring is alive and well in people. So are there things we learn that we don’t know we are learning? And how much of what we have learned subconsciencely could indirectly influence future learning endeavors, and opinions we have (that supposedly are spawned from known learning sources).


And if the individual is in control of what he believes, can he correct or remove subconsciously believed theories? Do all believes have to enter into our sub conscience, where we make decisions based on beliefs that we do out of an intuitive sense that they line up with what we believe? Are we capable of correcting the most fundamental attributes of ourselves? How often should this happen, and it is safe? I think about a movie that came out years back: “The Butterfly Effect”. In the movie, the main character recorded in journals strange anomalies where he blacked out, and later in life, he could enter those black outs and fix problems in his life. The movie has some very serious fatalism clearly showing with any attention given to it.

Is it safe to be changing beliefs often? If the goal is to “get to the Truth”, then a belief change is justified right? But if beliefs are hard to change, then they are hard to change too… This is a wise process to have in place in my opinion. What are your thoughts?


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